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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

"Safe Jersey - 'The Big Society' - In Action"

Alleged sexual assault: New images

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - sex attack witness
Police would like to talk to this man who was talking to the victim outside La Cala nightclub at around 2.05am. He is described as late 20s, around 6’ tall with short dark hair, wearing a checked shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and a khaki/brown jacket. The man is asked to contact the police and anyone who recognises him is also asked to call the police.
A 27-year-old woman was allegedly seriously sexually assaulted in St Helier at the weekend.
Jersey Police are investigating the attack, which happened between 2.30am - 4.30am on Sunday 18 December, in the grounds of Royal Bank Court on College Hill.
The victim - an Asian woman - had become separated from friends after a night out in the town.
Police are appealing to anyone who may have been in the West Centre area of town late Saturday night into Sunday morning, and may have seen the victim, to come forward.
The woman is described as around 5'2", with long dark hair and wearing a black and white spotted top, black trousers, black boots and carrying a large white handbag.
She had earlier been out with friends at La Cala and Mimosa nightclubs and was seen later walking alone along Bath Street towards Snow Hill.
The woman was taken to hospital following the incident and released after being treated for minor injuries.

 Four people caught on camera in St Helier in the early hours of Sunday could have clues about the identity of the alleged attacker

Other witnesses sought by police include a man who was wearing a dark-coloured beanie-style hat; a light brown/camel-colour fleece or jacket, dark trousers and brown shoes. He was seen talking to the victim in La Motte Street.

Two women were in the area at the time. One was wearing a light-coloured hat or hoody, while the other was carrying a light-coloured bag across her shoulder. A man who was with them was wearing a dark-coloured hooded top.

Anyone who may have any information that could help the investigation should contact States of Jersey Police on 612612.

Information can also be passed to the Police anonymously via CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111.


  1. I just saw the funniest thing - a police van illegally parked half on the pavement, half on the yellow line, at the States Analyst in Pier Road (there is a car park there they could use) just past the brow of a hill...... with bits of his wing mirror all over the road, LOL

    I'd like to see that court case if the swiping driver had actually stayed around to own up to it :)

  2. Wonder how they lied to their boss about that one!!! :)

  3. traffic wardens also park badly ,i seen one parked obstructing while serving a ticket .one rule for us none for them .