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Thursday, 15 December 2011

"The Radisson Hotel - Caring When The States Don't"

Festive cheer for Shelter residents

Festive cheer at Shelter may usually be in short supply.

But this week was different. A Christmas lunch laid on by the Radisson hotel ensured spirits were high.

It was a boost for the homeless, at a time when thoughts of family and friends are never far away.

Chef at the Radisson, Nicholas Robins said: "We're all trying to do our bit you know. We know the economy's not great.. some people are less fortunate than others. We're happy to be here and support in whatever way we can."

And support is what Shelter always needs. They need more than a million pounds a year to make ends meet.

And the economic climate means they are consistently stretched. But they are determined to make Christmas special, for those who need their help.

Shelter Director, John Hodge said: "Christmas is traditionally a time for family and friends to get together, and if you're homeless and you're living here without an address that can be a difficult circumstance to overcome, when everyone else who does have an address or who isn't homeless is celebrating with their family and friends and so we try to make it a special occasion here too. And this, for us, kicks off Christmas."


  1. i was a guest of the shelter about 8yrs back.
    they were very good and got me back on my feet ,you have to tow the line and try help yourself and they give the building blocks to do it.since then i have all ways kept in touch with my seport worker and they are always pleased to help if i need a chat.they are the unsung heroes of jersey in my book .

  2. Good on the Radisson Hotel..!
    Any one of us could be in the Shelter, and not necessary all our own doing.

  3. They can afford to do it, considering the amount of States business that comes their way.