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Monday, 12 December 2011

"Police 'not getting' drink drive message"

Islanders "not getting" drink drive message

When you start your Christmas anti drink drive campaign with "Grass your mates and family up" your really not going to have too much success are you!!!

Jersey Police are concerned their drink drive message isn't getting across to islanders.

Twelve days into their campaign, 10 people have been arrested.

Whilst that's a simliar figure to last year, Jersey Police say it's hugely disappointing.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorpe said: "It is hugely disappointing because the message doesn't seem to be getting through to some people, drinking and driving is not acceptable, it's anti-social, it's dangerous, it puts people's lives at risk and it's just not acceptable. And it's just very unfortunate that with all the publicity that we have given to this campaign both before and during that some people aren't getting the message, this just is dangerous."

The drink drive patrol is out on Jersey's streets two or three times a day.

Since the campaign began on the first of the month, they've stopped more than 1700 cars.

Of those some 110 people have been breathalysed, and of those ten have been arrested.

Guernsey's drink drive campaign officially launched on Friday. And over the weekend they arrested two people for being over the limit.

Overall the message is it is in your hands- and it is up to you what consequences your encounter with the drink drive patrol will have for you.

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That this House notes the imprisonment of Stuart Syvret; believes that the public authorities of the island of Jersey do not operate in a manner compliant with the requirements of the European Commission of Human Rights (ECHR), there being overt and significant overlaps and contaminations between the legislature, executive and judiciary; further notes that Her Majesty's subjects in Jersey are not protected by effective checks and balances, and that there has been the political repression of former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power and former Senator Stuart Syvret; further notes that, notwithstanding the responsibility the Secretary of State for Justice has for good governance and Convention Rights in Jersey, the island's authorities are permitted to repress opposition activists, and that the Secretary of State for Justice and Jersey's Lieutenant Governor have failed to act; further notes that successive governments of the United Kingdom have committed this nation to securing real democratic freedoms and the rule of law in other jurisdictions, yet in the British enclave of Jersey on the United Kingdom's very doorstep, ordinary powerless people are oppressed by an entrenched oligarchy; and calls on the Secretary of State for Justice to appoint an independent Commission similar to that which investigated corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to investigate the conduct of Jersey's public administration and to urgently bring the protections of the ECHR to Her Majesty's subjects in the island.

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  1. A DUI on your record may prohibit you from getting certain jobs: truck driver, police officer, and firefighter to name a few. Jobs with security clearances frown as well.

    OUI Salem MA

  2. the message is plain and simple people "do our jobs for us and grass ya friends up"
    roll up roll up come and see the jersey coppers circus,hahahahaha what a bloody joke

  3. 'What a bloody Joke ?'

    Cheers. I really hope your pissed mate who you decided not to report doesn't knock down yours or my son or daughter, you selfish prick.