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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"Planning Getting A Tanning!"

Minister proposed ground rules for Planning decisions

Environment Minister Rob Duhamel on a site visit earlier this year
Environment Minister Rob Duhamel on a site visit earlier this year

THE Environment Minister should only be involved in planning applications in ‘exceptional’ circumstances, according to the current Minister in charge.

Rob Duhamel has proposed strict guidelines on how the minister should act before and during the determination of planning applications , including excusing himself if there is any hint of a perceived conflict of interest.

He believes that the minister should only get involved in proposals of Island-wide significance and reasons for the intervention must be recorded.

The news follows a report carried out by the Planning Officers Society for England and Wales last year, which criticised former Environment Minister Freddie Cohen’s involvement in applications.

Deputy Duhamel’s proposition for a new code of conduct was lodged on Monday,

1 comment:

  1. Typical Duhamel. This excuse for an elected representative has sat in the States for years and done absolutely nothing for anyone except himself.

    His main attribute has been to keep his head well and truly down below the political parapet and focus on one thing; that being to keep quiet and get reelected, because Rob Duhamel couldn't make 50 pence an hour raking leaves in someone's garden.

    Now he seeks to absolve himself from having to make any decisions and taking responsibility for them. Some of you may not have liked Freddie Cohen, but at least he was no afraid to take those Planning officers who refuse to follow policy - A. Skate in particular.

    All Duhamel wil do is turn a blind eye to everything (watch how he gets himself out of the Plemont decision) while Planning get into bed with the developers, builders and architects so they can build a housing project in your back garden or Howard Davis Park - just take the money and run!