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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"One In - Ten Out!!!"

Rethink on immigration

Ministers want to get tough on immigration

MINISTERS are considering a tough new immigration policy in an effort to protect jobs for Islanders and prevent Jersey’s population soaring over 100,000.

Speaking just days before the long-awaited census results are published, Chief Minister Ian Gorst said that ministers were considering revising their annual target for the number of people setting up home in the Island.

Currently, the target for net inward migration – the difference between the number of people moving to Jersey and those leaving the Island – stands at 150 heads of household per year.
The figure, when taking into account family members, translates into about 325 people per year. But Senator Gorst said that the figure – set during the Strategic Plan debate in 2009 –could be reduced to help control population and protect local jobs. This could include reviewing the number of licences that are issued to businesses.

Only two weeks ago it was revealed that a record 1,500 Islanders were now out of work – an increase of 130 on the previous month.


  1. About time,we need to close our borders and properly vet people coming here ..if they're not and have not been up to no good ..they would have little to worry about and please please bring back work permits.....

  2. I have just been made redundant after working for 41 years i am now 58 after going to the social i said to girl is it my age i have been to at least 7 interviews in 3 months and no luck her reply was probably could it be i am Jersey born no was her reply they are not allowed to do that.

  3. Anonymous,who is to stop them doing that, employers can employ whom they like, and in Jersey, it is nearly always them who come the cheapest.

  4. stable door horse bolted far far far to late

  5. I went to local supermarket i asked the guy on the counter is the manager around he said why
    i said any jobs going his reply was i wouldn't
    bother they dont take locals and that was from a portugues.Thats me above 58 years old.

  6. To old and would have to accept a minimum wage hey? And Jersey government expect you to work to the age of 67???