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Thursday, 22 December 2011

"Jersey's Police Thugs Seriously Assault Kids - UPDATE"


When Getting Home Safely
Is Just Not Possible In Jersey!

The Story Is At The Link Below

I have received a progress report from Maria Le Fustec about her encounter with the Jersey Police in conjunction with the above incident.

Maria is impressed and delighted with the manner in which DI Mark Smith and his colleague are looking into matters, and the way she has been treated. Such treatment is in complete contrast to the deplorable way in which she was treated by Sergeant McDonald.


Hi Ian,

Went to the Police station at 11am this morning 19/12/2011. Saw DI Mark Smith and another officer, Mark something or other. Both plain clothes.

They were very pleasant and helpful. DI Smith had printed out my statement from your blog as I suspected he might :)

He was genuinely shocked when I told him that Sergeant McDonald had told me that I could not make a complaint as I am not the victim, “if the victims wanted to complain then my statement could then be taken” McDonald had told me. DI Smith said that “that is never the case”. He said “you can make a complaint about anything, and at any time”. He said “I will be emailing McDonald shortly too talk to him”.

DI Smith is speaking to Paul in the first week of new year to take his statement and he wants to speak to my son as well. He said it is a very serious complaint and will be handled as such, and will be going to a police complaints authority commission which is made up of advocates and states members in the island who will read absolutely everything and be totally impartial!!

DI Smith is calling me back in next week to go through my statement and sign etc. Today was a preliminary meeting to discuss my statement to you which was published on your blog. He took that as an open letter to the Chief of Police, and I said, “that was going to be my next step as I got nowhere three times”. I said, “had you not read Ian's blog I still would not be getting listened to”.

He asked “what made me go to you?” I said “anger, and the fact I know Ian gets listened to, and that you reading this and calling me is absolute proof of it”. He said “he is now keeping up with the comments, and your blog”.

I added my description of PC 240 Sykes to the statement. He said “the officers involved will be given a formal notice of complaint of course”. I am also making a complaint against the officer in the unmarked car as he pushed a young girl around and Sykes partner who took his CS Gas out to use on *******!!

I said “I am a mother of two teenage boys and I am disgusted at his aggression”.

He said “do you know that the mother hasn't made a complaint yet?”. I said “I am aware she has now made a call after speaking to several people”. I said “she works for ******* and works closely with you guys and she is worried about retribution against her, or her two boys”. But she has been told in no uncertain terms she cannot let this go as it needs to come out. I said “she was waiting for a Sergeant to call her back” the last time I spoke to her last week.

Ian, I have been ill all weekend and still am, that's why I haven't made arrangements to meet with you and ******. I tried calling her after meeting the
police but I assume she was at work so I will try her later.

DI Smith said that nothing can be actioned until the legalities with the boys are out of the way, their parish hall enquiries, so that is Jan 17th if I remember correctly.

Speak soon. If I remember anything else I will let you know. I am in the shop today, so if you speak to ****** first, please let her know I will call her later.

Thanks Ian 

Regards Maria

Besides these assurances, there are still three fundamental problems in my view.

1/ The complaint will be overseen by the Police Complaints Authority Commission, who, when dealing with one of my complaints, were the most corrupt bunch of lying cheating scumbags I had ever encountered in Jersey. They were furnished with the most damning evidence and completely ignored it.

2/ The complaint cannot be actioned until the two boys have faced a parish hall enquiry. Why not? Could it be that the plan is to get the two boys to plead guilty at that enquiry and find against them therefore giving the rogue policemen the appearance of "just cause" for their actions!!!

3/ The author of the letter below has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty!!!



  1. you will be going along with the youngsters to the enquiry I take it Ian? just to be on the safe side


  2. If permitted by the family, yes, I shall certainly be there :)

  3. I think you will find the police officers were fighting for there lives i think that the Police Complaints Authority Commission will say

  4. ian no complaint about the police on this island will come to much most of them can do just what they like they know they will get away with it.but that said have your self a very happy christmas and all the very best for new year and thanks for all the hard work this year.

  5. im sorry to sound harsh here ,but if this actually goes through ,for which i doubt these cid officers wont be seen as good guys in that station ever again going against their own ...enough said .....mick

  6. "Going against their own" - that's so truly sad I'm lost for words

  7. Hi Martin

    Thank you for your words mate, it is good to feel appreciated by readers, a nice change from the daily shyte I am served by the mattress wetting trolls.

    All the very best to you as well my friends, and we have a few shocking stories for the new year :)


    Two minutes after mentioning "Jon's Wet Mattress" and we get a Troll comment, P.M.S.L

  9. Ian,God Bless you, you have got balls, and you have given me a lot of pleasure throughout 2011.
    I hope you have a great Xmas, and a satisfying 2012, and that all your hard work and persistence reaps the dividends you so richly deserve.

  10. Ian.

    There is a number 4: The teenagers are found guilty of all charges, but all charges will be dropped against the teenages if the teenages and their famillies drop their cases against the coppers concerned.

    Dont you agree?

  11. Closed shop down at the station. Game show mike hasn't a clue what's going down on the shop floor..

  12. "Jon's Wet Mattress"


    I heard he's getting a blow up Shenton for crimbo.

  13. “she works for ******* and works closely with you guys and she is worried about retribution against her, or her two boys”.

    If this is what the mother of one of the boys actualy said, sadly it shows the first consideration that enters Jersey citizens heads before considering taking action.

  14. "Deputy Power-less" hee hee, I like that one :)

    Anon @ 3.02pm
    NO, I don't think option No4 is an option to cover this up, in fact, I know it is not an option. I say that because Maria Le Fustec is the one that made the complaint (an independent witness) and is not related to the families involved here. Furthermore, what Maria has already been through in her life, she (shall we say) had learned to banish fear at a very young age, she is an honourable woman who doesn't DO FEAR!!! This complaint is not going away :)

    Many thanks for your kind words, and I am pleased you have enjoyed the ride so far. What I can promise in 2012 is some shocking revelations, and some rather high profile court cases.

  15. Anon @ 5.51pm

    Yes, sadly, the mother of one of the victims said this to Maria, she is fearful of losing here job, and of retribution.

    "The Jersey Way"


    "Those who bully the weak are cowards before the strong."

    "No amount of money will buy medicine for regrets."

    "He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition, burns a picture to obtain the ashes."

    "No child is made ugly by the unhappiness of its beginning."

    "There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no greater guilt than discontentment. And there is no greater disaster than greed."

    There are three treasures which I hold and keep.
    "The first is mercy, for from mercy comes courage.The second is frugality from which comes generosity to others. The third is humility, for from it, comes leadership."

    "Two things are certain in life, change, and death. Those who do not fear death, can accomplish anything, those who fear change, can accomplish nothing"

  17. No 4 is not an option but a way that the police concerned will use to get out of this tricky situation.

    They have used this method many time before

  18. Like I said before anon, Maria made the complaint and she will not drop it....If the victims or their families do not wish to proceed, Maria will....

  19. ian christmas cheers and all fans, if it feels good do it, thanks for all the news we would not hear without you.
    guns dont kill people, but phq do.

  20. what happened with Ian Christmas

  21. Please click HERE for the links to the Ian Christmas story. The second link down is the last we heard on this story!

  22. In the rag last week, a story about a man who blew himself up tinkering with a microwave. The family have lodged a complaint against Jersey Plod for lack of compassion.
    The police we deserve?

  23. The guy was called Dave Cadic and I read that as well, complaints lodged for the family by Deputy Viscount De Gruchy. Lack of compassion. Disgusting!! He was 38 and a father of 3.