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Saturday, 31 December 2011

"Jersey To Be Renamed - Test Area 51"

Battle looming over reform body?

CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst could face a battle to get poll-topping Senator Sir Philip Bailhache appointed as head of the planned electoral commission into States reform.

The States reform committee is due to meet next Tuesday, with plans for the new commission on the agenda.
And they have to decide whether to change the rules so that Senator Bailhache can chair the commission.

The March proposition calling for an electoral commission specified that it should be ‘independent’, but Senator Gorst wants Senator Bailhache to chair it.

The electoral commission will be given the job of coming up with plans to make sense of the question of States reform – a task that has eluded politicians for more than a decade.



    - Aangirfan

  2. Senator Gorst wants Senator Bailhache to chair it.?
    Not sure if I believe that. Bailhache is a control freak and must not be allowed anywhere near this. He'll have us back living in the dark ages, where us plebs know our place and corruption can flourish !

  3. "Control Freak" ?

    Jeeeez, that was mild of you. I think bailhache wants his own private kingdom made out of jersey, he is a danger to every decent human being.