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Saturday, 17 December 2011

"Immigration OK - So Why The Long Face?"

Immigration: States ‘must take full control’

 Chief Minister Ian Gorst

JERSEY’S last government set population targets with no real way of enforcing them, according to the new Chief Minister.

Eight months before tougher new housing and work controls come into force, Senator Ian Gorst says that his ministers will have to do a better job on immigration.

And in the wake of yesterday’s news that arrivals from Britain and Europe drove net immigration of 6,800 people over the last decade, he says that the new controls are ‘absolutely necessary’ to protect job opportunities for Islanders.

Census figures released yesterday showed that locally born people make up a smaller proportion of the Island’s population than at any time, with a fraction under half of the 97,857 residents having been born here.

The net immigration figure of 6,800 over a decade is more than double the States’ target of 325 Islanders a year, and Senator Gorst said that the new ministers would have to do better.


  1. I can't work out if that chin is photoshopped or not, LOL