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Sunday, 4 December 2011

"How To Steal A Farm - 'The Jersey Way' - A Shocking Story"


By Angela-Claudette:Amy

The history before the corrupt lawyers started to abuse me

I came to live at Hastingue Farm in 1981 after meeting my late husband Ted Amy.
We shared the farmhouse with Ted’s mother who at that time had life enjoyment of the farm.

1981 Ted’s mother did not like me because she loved Ted. She was terribly jealous of me and I spent the next 13 years under mental and verbal attack from her. She wanted rid of me. I believe she was the cause of the break up of Ted’s first marriage and the miscarriage of their only child.

1982 Ted and I gave up smoking cigarettes.

We worked very hard growing potatoes and vegetables on the farmland with a view to saving up to renovate the farm buildings. We did not take any holidays. We ploughed all our savings and time into the property with a view of retiring in dignity.

We married in 1984 and went to Majorca for our honeymoon.

We opened a joint bank account and pooled all our savings.

In 1985 we renovated a part of the outbuildings called “The Cottage” and let it out.

In 1986 we started renovating another part of the outbuildings. We did most of the work ourselves to save money.

In 1988 Ted had a mild heart attack so I continued with the renovation work on my own.

In 1989 the work was finished and we let out “La Maisonette”. We also let out the farmland to a potato grower. My late husband Ted took retirement.

In December 1989 our first daughter “Anastasia” was born.

In May 1991 our second daughter “Marianna” was born.

Marianna was a very difficult child and Ted started smoking cigarettes again because of the stress and conflict that she inflicted upon her family over the coming years.

In December 1992 our son “Philip” was born.

When a mother gives birth to her children she hopes upon hope that they will be kind and honest like their parents. Unfortunately for Ted and me, we were not so lucky in this regard and ended up with three children who have spent their lives hell-bent on destroying their parents. They destroyed their father when they were 8, 9 and 10 years old and now they seek to destroy me. God help them when Karma catches up with them.

1993 Ted’s mother went to live at Pinewood Nursing Home.

January 1994 Ted and I made mutual Wills leaving everything to each other. Ted wanted me to inherit Hastingue Farm in recognition of my honesty, loyalty, financial help and hard work.

In September 1994 Ted’s mother died and Ted inherited the farm and a part of the farmland.

In December 1994 we bought the remainder of the farmland from Ted’s brothers and sister’s. We also paid off all outstanding “Rentes” owed to Ted’s aunties.

Adv. Kelleher wrote the Wills for us and Ted bragged to him that owning Hastingue Farm meant that he had made it in life. I remember looking at the expression on Adv. Kelleher’s face and thinking that he had taken those words as a challenge. Perhaps he decided that day to get Hastingue Farm for himself by destroying any obstacles in his way. Adv. Kelleher has been the root cause of all my problems.

1996 Ted and I made revised mutual wills. Ted wanted me to inherit Hastingue Farm in recognition of my honesty, loyalty, financial help and hard work. He promised me that he would put Hastingue Farm into our joint names to protect me as soon as we had finished our building projects and had some spare money.

In 1996 we employed a building contractor “Alan Rive” to renovate the remainder of the outbuildings and to create two three-bedroom units of accommodation now known as Le Coup A Dent and La Petite Greve.

In 1997 I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher and a Spiritual and Mediumistic Consultant.

In 1998 we ran out of money and took out a mortgage of £60,000 to finish the building project.

In November 1998 we let out Le Coup A Dent and La Petite Greve.

In 1998 we obtained Planning Permission to demolish our old garage/shed in the bottom yard and build a Complementary Therapy Unit. We planned to build it as soon as the mortgage was repaid and funds allowed. It was my intention to create a Spiritual College and teach Reiki and help the public with Spiritual Growth issues.

In 1998 Ted’s health deteriorated and he was obliged to take a lot of prescription drugs for his Angina, Eczema, Allergies, Respiratory problems, Cramps and Screaming nightmares. One night I was kicked out of bed during one of his nightmares and from that day on I slept in the spare bedroom. Ted became very grumpy and stopped washing and changing his clothes. He would sleep during the day and life became very difficult. He chain-smoked in the house using a nebuliser to breath between cigarettes.

In May 1999 Marianna told her teacher that her father was abusing her. The Children’s Service was alerted and I received a phone call asking me whether Ted was abusing Marianna. I was not aware of any abuse so I said no and that was the end of it. Ted’s health took a turn for the worst and he became very bad tempered.
I started to feel afraid of him.

In early November 1999 Ted smacked the children across the face because they were being noisy at the breakfast table. I took them to school in tears. When I collected them from school that same afternoon they all told me that they did not want to live with their father anymore. They told me that he had been sexually abusing them during the evenings that I attended further education classes. They asked me not to tell Ted what they had said to me for fear of being hit across the face again. I was devastated and I ask my mother for advice as to whether I should speak to a lawyer. She told me to put my children first. My mother and my self were totally hoodwinked by the children’s stories. We both believed what they told us.

It is a coincidence that at that time the school were making children aware of paedophiles. Perhaps that is from where Marianna got the idea to use against her father. 

How corrupt lawyers and my children have ruined my life.

On November 10th 1999 I sought advice from Adv. Marion Whittaker who immediately contacted the Children’s Service and asked the Bailiff to issue an Ouster Order.

November 16th 1999 Adv. Whittaker telephoned to me and told me to take the children to their grandmother’s house and wait there until it was safe to return home. Ted was ousted from his beloved family home that afternoon.

Ted sought advice from Adv. John Kelleher. I believe Ted blamed me for the ousting because he knew that I did not approve of him hitting the children.

The three Amy children made statements to the Children’s Service and to the police via a “video link” at Aviemore. They made claims that their father had sexually abused them. Marianna’s story was the most convincing.
Two weeks after being ousted from his home on November 30th 1999, Ted made a new Will disinheriting me in favour of his children. I believe he did this because I was the one who had to have these matters looked into.

Ted’s health deteriorated further and his lawyer Adv. Kelleher obtained power of attorney to manage Ted’s finances. Adv. Kelleher withdrew all the funds in our joint bank account leaving me without money to maintain my children and myself.

Adv. Whittaker obtained a maintenance order from Vincent Obbard whereby I was paid £1250 per calendar month and Ted was ordered to pay all the utility bills and children’s expenses. Adv. Kelleher failed to pay the bills on Ted’s behalf and my electricity was cut off. Life became increasing difficult and money was short.

There was insufficient evidence to charge Ted with sexual abuse and he asked for permission to return home. The children did not want their father to come back home presumably because their lies would be uncovered. Anastasia and Philip later confessed (in the year 2008) to Charles and me that they lied about what their father was alleged to have done to them.

What a fool I have been. By believing, and protecting my own children I have unwittingly helped to finish off my beloved husband Ted, and I have lost my rightful inheritance and had my life destroyed.

April 13th 2000 Ted died of a massive heart attack at Maison de Ville.

May 2000 Adv. Whittaker received a copy of Ted’s new Will and she forwarded it on to me. I was very hurt and totally devastated. Adv. Whittaker was negligent because she should have told me to challenge the Will knowing fully well that I had no legal knowledge.

Adv. Whittaker wrote to me stating that I was legally entitled to receive one third of the gross rental income.

By this time Adv. Kelleher had drained all Ted’s finances with his fee notes some of which were erroneously duplicated. Adv. Kelleher announced to me that Ted’s estate was insolvent. Adv. Kelleher was Ted’s executor but he did not produce estate accounts, which I believe is unlawful.

Adv. Kelleher wrote to me saying that a Tutelle must be formed. He also told me that I was entitled to one third of the gross rentals from Hastingue Farm as soon as Ted’s Will was registered and one fifth of the rentals prior to registration of the Will. Adv. Kelleher had total financial control of all the rentals, which were paid to Olsens.  He started paying me monthly by cheque one fifth of the rentals from May 2000 – August 2000.

June 30th 2000 the Tutelle was formed with me as Tutrice and Adv. Kelleher and his accountant David Bisson being the professional electeurs. The other electeurs were all godparents of the Amy children.

After the Tutelle was formed David Bisson of Roscott took over the finances with Adv. Kelleher signing all cheques, up until January 2002. He did not produce any accounts for the Tutelles or return any receipts to me, which I believe is unlawful.

August 16th 2000 Ted’s Will was registered.

On the 30th August 2000 Adv. Kelleher and David Bisson opened a Tutelle bank account with Barclays and the rentals were paid into this account. Adv. Kelleher and David Bisson were the signatories to the account. Adv. Kelleher did not pay back the rentals from April 13th – 30th August 2000. He did not pay back the returnable deposits belonging to the tenants. These monies he took for his fees without the consent of the other Tutelle members.

Adv. Kelleher turned up to Tutelle meetings with a solicitor by his side taking notes. He was charging the Tutelle  £645 per hour and David Bisson was charging full accountancy rates to attend the same meetings. Adv. Kelleher started talking about selling the farm. I was horrified because Ted had always said to me that there was not enough money minted to buy Hastingue Farm. We both loved our home and Ted would never have wanted the farm to be sold. Hastingue Farm has been passed through the Amy family since 1830. It became quite obvious to me that the Amy estate was in danger of bankruptcy if the exploitation of the professional Electeurs was allowed to continue. All the other Tutelle members and I were working on a voluntary (no charge) basis although I have since been told that I should have been paid 5% of the gross for acting as Tutrice. The unprofessional Electeurs asked Adv. Kelleher to resign because the estate could not afford to employ a lawyer and an accountant. Adv. Kelleher refused flatly to resign. Adv. Kelleher and David Bisson continued to pay me monthly by cheque one third of the rentals. Adv. Kelleher signed all the cheques. This continued up to January 2002.

In 2001 I was obliged to seek Legal Aid because Adv. Kelleher was not sending my maintenance cheques on time. Sometimes they arrived a month late, which left me seriously short of money. The children had to give up their dancing lessons because I could no longer afford to pay for private tuition. The Legal Aid lawyer who represented me was Adv. Nina Benest. She wrote several letters to Adv. Kelleher but he was very unhelpful and replied in a very offhand way. He told Adv. Benest that he would not write to me direct only through a lawyer presumably to clock up more chargeable time to the Tutelles.

Adv. Nina Benest also wrote to me stating that I was legally entitled to one third of the gross rental income.

We had several Tutelle meetings and it was decided not to invite Adv. Kelleher to attend because he had already run up a bill to the Tutelles of over £40,000, which the Tutelles were unable to pay. David Bisson also sent in bill for over £8,000, which was far too much particularly as he did not produce any annual Tutelle accounts.
Adv. Benest pointed out that Electeurs of the Tutelle whether professional or not should all work on a no charge basis.

In January 2002 David Bisson of Roscott resigned because he did not want to work without payment. All the bank statements and chequebooks were sent to me. David Bisson did not produce any annual account for his term in office, which is unlawful.
David Bisson did not forward on to me any invoices or financial papers for his term in office.

It was agreed at the next Tutelle meeting that Charles Barnett would prepare the annual accounts for the Tutelles and take over all the secretarial duties. He officially took up the post of Secretary to the Tutelles in January 2003 and was paid a salary of about £10,000 per annum. Charles prepared account for the three years up to August 2003 with the help of my daughter Anastasia Amy. I continued as property manager without charge to the Tutelles as I had always done since the death of Ted.

January 2003 Charles gave up his flat and shop in St. Brelade’s and came to live at Hastingue Farm to take up the post of Secretary to the Amy Children Tutelles.

We decided not to send accounts to Adv. Kelleher who stated that he did not want any direct contact with the Tutrice. Goodness knows how much money he would have charged the Tutelle for reading the accounts.

In 2004 Adv. Kelleher issued a representation against the Tutrice for not sending him the accounts. The accounts were duly sent to him and all charges dropped without cost.

2004 Marianna continued to cause trouble in the home. She was blackmailing, hitting and biting her brother and sister on a regular basis. Life was unbearable. Her school behaviour was bad and she would swear at the teachers. Most days she was exited from the classroom for disrupting the class. She started smoking and drinking Vodka at school. She was rude to Charles one day after he had cooked he a lovely vegetarian dinner. She said to him “what is this sewage”. Charles was very hurt and tapped her on the bottom. The very next day she told her schoolteacher that he had assaulted her. The Children’s Service paid us a visit and said that Marianna may press charges.

The Children Service suggested that we place Marianna to live with a family friend until the dust had settled. Marianna moved in with Mr and Mrs Arthur. I paid Mrs Arthur £90 per week. After a few months Mrs Arthur announced that she did not want to look after Marianna any longer. She contacted the Children’s Service. I offered to have Marianna repatriated with her family but Marianna decided that she did not want to come home. Marianna was placed with a foster family. The Social Service charged me monthly for Marianna’s keep. After a few months the foster carer said that she did not want to look after Marianna any longer. Again I offered to have Marianna back home but Marianna chose to live at La Preference instead. Things did not go well there because she would go missing at weekends while on a drinking spree. She was found paralytic on the pavement in Hope Street and was taken to the Robin Ward at the Hospital until she sobered up. She caused havoc and started stealing from shops, buying alcohol underage, setting fire to bushes in public areas and taking ecstasy.

She left La Preference and went to live with her boyfriend and his parents “The Doaks” on the Five Mile Road. After a few months she split up with her boyfriend and went to live with her Godmother “Mrs Leach” who described her as a “wild child”. She was rude to her godmother and caused havoc there. She now lives in the flat belonging to her Stepbrother “Oscar Nield”. Oscar works in London so he rarely stays at the flat. Marianna told Anastasia that she could not live with anyone for long because of her mood swings and uncontrollable rages. Philip Amy has recently moved in with Marianna at Oscars flat. 

In October 2007 Marianna’s stepbrother Oscar Nield wrote to Adv. Kelleher stating that Marianna wanted money and was concerned that the Tutelle was not being managed properly.  Adv. Olsen replied that this letter smacks of mischief making.

Two weeks later after Oscar’s letter during November 2007 Adv. Kelleher issued another representation with queries about the accounts. The Tutrice was asked to answer many questions. Adv. R. Michel was appointed to represent the Tutrice.

The questions were answered to the satisfaction of Adv. Kelleher and all the Electeurs. In March 2008 The Royal Court under Commissioner Clyde-Smith ratified the accounts and Adv. Kelleher, David Bisson and three of the Godparents resigned from office and the Tutelle was re-constituted with Anastasia Amy joining the Tutelle of her brother and sister.

In May 2009 Marianna Amy reached the age of majority and through her lawyer Adv. Fogarty of Ogier she asked for the accounts from 2000 - 2008 to be sent to her with the three-month limit. Marianna was and still is living with her stepbrother Oscar Nield. The accounts were sent to Adv. Fogarty on the 26th August 2009 by Special Delivery. They were received and signed for.

Anastasia told me that Marianna had been to view the “video link” that she had made in 1999 against her father. Anastasia said that Marianna was very shocked and can’t believe what she said back then.

In December 2009 Marianna issued a representation against her mother asking for proper accounts to be sent to her. We replied that we had already sent the accounts last August. The accounts were done in spreadsheet form and Marianna was not happy with the format, which had previously been agreed by all the Electeurs and the Court in 2008.

Adv. Thacker of Viberts was engaged to deal with this matter.

In February 2010 the 2009 Tutelle accounts were sent to Ogier for Marianna.

A Tutelle meeting was held at the offices of Viberts on the 6th March 2010 with Adv. Thacker acting a chairman. It was decided to ask Jackson Fox to turn the spreadsheet accounts into trust accounts. Charles Barnett paid for this to be done. Adv. Thacker told us that these accounts should satisfy Marianna and the Court.

On the 17th and 18th March 2010 there was a Royal Court Hearing under Sir Philip Bailhache. The Solicitor General Howard Sharp spouted lots of lies about me. Marianna Amy through Adv. Fogarty challenged the legality of my one-third-rental income and maintained her story of sexual abuse against her dead father I was disgusted that she would stoop so low as to lie about her dead father in Court. Adv. Thacker said very little to the Judge and acted with negligence because he did not show the Court the many letters and receipts that I received from Adv. Kelleher showing that he paid this money to me because it was Ted’s wish. I was told that I should not have received the payments and that I would have to repay the ten years of rental money that I had received to maintain the family. Adv. Thacker retracted his statement to the Court that I was entitled to receive one-third of the gross rental income as dower.  The Tutelle was dissolved and the Viscount was ordered to take over the affairs of Philip Amy. Forensic accounts were ordered and Charles was asked to deliver up to the Viscount all financial papers and accounts.
Adv. Thacker told Charles that he would arrange for the Viscount to contact us with regard to handing over the Tutelle bank statements and receipts. We did not hear from the Viscount.

On the 30th March 2010 the Jackson Fox accounts were delivered up to the Viscount.

On the 1st April 2010 the Court Judgment was heard. I was ill in bed at this time so I could not attend the Royal Court Hearing. The Court ordered that on pain of contempt that Charles Barnett deliver up immediately all bank statement and financial paper to the Viscount. It also Ordered that my one-third-rental income be stopped. Since that day all I have had to live on is my Survivor’s Pension of £700 pcm.

Sir Philip Bailhache has acted with bias against me. Sir Philip Bailhache was not fit for purpose at the time of the Amy versus Amy hearings since he has recently resigned his position as Judge and is now hoping to become a Senator. Perhaps his mind was engaged elsewhere, when it should have been engaged with unbiased justice.

I had to get up from my sick bed to hand over these papers. Adv. Thacker, Charles Barnett, Linda Allo and Mr. Shorrocks attended Hastingue Farm immediately after the Court Judgment. Allo and Shorrocks illegally searched the house and seized all the papers. This should not have happened. Allo and Shorrocks did not have a warrant to enter my home without my consent. This is the fault of the negligent Adv. Thacker who obviously did not arrange for the Viscount to contact me.

We asked Adv. Thacker to Appeal the Judgment. Adv. Thacker refused to do an Appeal.

On 27th April 2010 with the recommendation of many, we made an appointment to see Adv. Sinel. I gave him copies of the letters from Adv. Kelleher proving that there was an agreement in place for me to receive one third of the rental income.

Adv. Sinel told me that Adv. Thacker was half asleep most of the time and that he would not want to be represented by him. Adv. Sinel assured me that he could get my income restored and easily sort out all this injustice. He told me that he knew Adv. Kelleher well and that Adv. Kelleher would definitely sign an affidavit for my defence. I felt at long last that I was in safe trustworthy hands.

Adv. Sinel asked for payment in advance so on May 5th 2010 I sold all my belongings to Charles Barnett, who in exchange offered to pay half of all my legal fees.

In July 2010 we jointly took out a personal loan with David Tupper of Acorn Finance for £20,000 to pay Sinels fees.

Adv. Sinel told me to contact Mike Brown of Brown’s Antiques because he said he could help me with everything.

Mike Brown came to the house with a lot of unusual people who wandered around the property. Mike told me that the farm was situated on the edge of some negativity related to the hierarchy of the island and I was getting sucked into the void.

Adv. Sinel bought me as a gift a new Hastingue Farm nameplate for the top of the avenue. Perhaps this was a nice gesture to suck me in further.

September 2010 Anastasia Amy and her awful boyfriend Jacob Bowey moved into La Maisonette in the bottom yard at Hastingue Farm. Jacob Bowey has been intimidating Charles and myself ever since. He has called out the Police on eight occasions with bogus claims against me. I have been falsely arrested twice and harassed constantly. Bowey does not go out to work, instead he spies on Charles and me and he tells lies about us to all the tenants at Hastingue Farm making life unbearable.

He has caused damage to Charles’ radio cables by digging holes in the bottom yard and pulling pieces of granite out of my garden wall and placing them as to obstruct access to Charles’ garage. He told the elderly tenant “Mr Purse” who lives at “The Cottage” to construct a garden along the sidewall of La Maisonette and place boulders along the edge to further obstruct access to Charles’ garage. Charles asked the tenant what he was doing and the tenant lost his temper and raised a claw hammer over Charles’ head.
We called the Police and Mr Purse admitted the offence. 

In October 2010 a caveat was placed on all my property.

In November 2010 Adv. Sinel arranged a second personal loan with David Tupper for £30,000 to pay his fees. He arranged for the funds to be paid directly into his Client Account. Adv. Sinel promised to have the caveat removed within a month. This did not happen.

On 18th November 2010 there was a Court Hearing. It was ordered that at midnight on the 3rd December the Viscount would no longer look after Philip Amy’s affairs. Philip Amy reached the age of majority on the 4th December 2010. Adv. Sinel was on form and represented me well on this occasion.

I asked Adv. Sinel whether he was in possession of the promised affidavit from Adv. Kelleher for my defence. Adv. Sinel told me that Adv. Kelleher has changed his mind and will not help after all. I think this was deliberate trickery by Sinel and Kelleher because the letters that Kelleher had written to me were now time barred (ten years old). They were not time barred when Sinel received them in April 2010.

On 22nd December 2010 there was another Court Hearing with regard to applications of Summary Judgments made by Marianna and Anastasia Amy against their mother.

Adv. Sinel had a bad cold and he behaved with rudeness in Court. The hearing did not go well at all. He was ill prepared and represented me with gross negligence.
He did not show the Court the letters and receipts from Kelleher.

On the way back to Sinels office in the lift after the hearing, Sinel said to Charles “sorry I fucked up”.

Mike Brown came to the house to buy some of the contents because I was so short of money that I could not afford to buy heating oil.

In February 2011 the Judgment was announced. Everything went against me. Sinel told the court that we would Appeal the Judgment.

Adv. Sinel told me that he would win the Appeal because it was his strongest Appeal that he had ever known. He offered to do the Appeal on a contingency basis because we had run out of money. Two weeks later he wrote to me saying that he would not do the Appeal on a contingency basis after all. He continued to work without payment though and he did do the Appeal.

I specifically asked Adv. Sinel to show all the letters, receipts and evidence that was sent to me by Adv. Kelleher, Adv. Whittaker, Adv. N. Benest and David Bisson so that the Court would be fully aware of all the facts.  Adv. Sinel did not show this evidence to the Court because (I believe) he was covering up for his good friend and lawyer Adv. Kelleher. This is why on the 27th day of July 2011 we did not win the Appeal.

I was not given any leeway to Appeal the Appeal, and at that point Adv. Sinel told me I was finished and that he would not help me further. He also said that he would not sue Adv. Kelleher because there was a conflict. Adv. Sinel should have told me this in the first place that he would not sue Kelleher. Sinel has taken money from me under false pretences. I have been lied to and exploited by Adv. Sinel.

I have been trying to secure Legal Aid since August 2011 to no avail.

On the 4th December 2011 the Amy Children applied to have me placed “en d├ęsastre” Since I did not have a legal representative I was forced to act as a litigant in person. I told the Court that this was a total miscarriage of justice. I prepared a bundle of papers for the hearing on the following Friday but the Bailiff told me that I could not go backwards in this case. He was not interested in listening to me and I was declared en d├ęsastre on the 11th November 2011.

I have tried since the outset of this case to mediate with the Amy Children but they have refused to mediate at all or to find a resolution agreement. It is quite obvious to me that they want my home of 31 years. They have taken my business and my income leaving me to survive on my widow’s pension. I have worked very hard because I wanted to retire with dignity. I now live in poverty. I had a valuation from a surveyor a year ago and he told me the matrimonial home of which I have life enjoyment represent 55% of the whole farm. He told me that the whole farm was worth 10 million pounds at least to an 11K buyer. This makes my share worth 5.5 million at least.

My estimated bills for my "childrens lawyers" are around £1,700,000.00

The Amy Children hope to oust me out of my home (although I lawfully have lifelong enjoyment of the property) via the Viscount and pick up my share of the estate for nothing as payment for their bogus claims against Ted and myself. These parent killers who are devoid of any morals or conscience will have to live with their guilt for life. I am the innocent victim of my three greedy children whose only interest is taking everything I hold dear to my heart.

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  1. My self and Cyril have done our best to help Angela and we still have a few stunts LEFT to pull.



  2. Is this Philip Sinel were talking about?

  3. I have just spoken to Angela and she confirmed that it is a Mr Philip Sinel.

    I would stress however, that there may well be more than one Advocate Philip Sinel practicing law on the island of Jersey.

  4. Back to the subject of Jersey citizens having to employ Jersey Lawyers.

    I hope this lady gets some sort of justice.

  5. maybe Adv. Sinel could be persuaded to write to the court explaining his 'fcuk up' and call for a re-examination of the case that lead to Angela's fate

    After all it was his erm mistake of not putting before the court material evidence, that is the cause of this miscarriage of justice


  6. This is so, so shocking and up pops that name again Bailhache and his corrupt courts. I hope Mrs Amy is able to get a lawyer that isn't bent but in Jersey this is impossible and it is all sewn up as only Jersey lawyers can practice in a Jersey court. This is exactly what Stuart Syvret is fighting against - the stinking corruption - of the Bailhache courts and your readers must sign the John Hemming E Petition and shout as loud as they can to let the world know how corrupt this cesspit of an island is. Good luck you will be needing it.

  7. Thanks anon,

    but luck?

    We are running on empty mate, but until we get a bullet in the head, we will keep running :)

  8. Looks like your cherry picking what you post.
    How sad .

  9. Have you thought about contacting the privy council, amnesty international, the british justice secretary? Because if it's justice you're looking for in Jersey it doesn't exist.

  10. That is some read. Not sure what to say but I know you and Cril will do all you can.


    1. Rico, "Cril" is what whales eat, Cyril is that flesh and blood man I work with on the law stuff :)

  11. Cherry Picking?


    I,m just not posting your abusive shyte....

  12. Thanks Rico

    If you think this is bad, just wait to see what I have in ten days time!

    You will be stunned....

  13. do I recall correctly that Sinel's cut oops I mean bills came to over £70,000


  14. Did Mrs Amy try giving this story to the Jersey Evening Post or other local media, did she know they would not touch it.

  15. I think there are more to come Cyril, but yes, they were at least £70,000.00

  16. Jersey Evening Post?

    Love it, that one's always a timeless classic :)

  17. Boy Howdie, the trolls are sure out tonight' and with little success :)

  18. Was the name plate Sinel bought her for the farm a keepsake to remind her of what she was about to lose?

  19. OMG-It's like a horror story- the poor woman, I told 2 people about this, one said, 'Oh yes, I can well believe it' and the other said 'the next thing that will happen is she'll be put in St. Saviours and they'll say she has mental problems.'

    What a forecast, I wish her well, mind you, I would be worried about her being sued for data protection breaches, and her joining Stuart.
    Word V: undueend ! I kid you not !

  20. To the clown who posted earlier which I will not publish, Angela is almost suicidal at this time, do you think the garbage that you wrote might just push her over the edge?

    Or is that what you were hoping???

  21. what a very sad and hearbreaking story i really do hope that this poor woman gets proper justice but on the poxy rock thats neigh on impossible as everyone in law is corrupt and all they do is extract huge amounts of money out of people and for what ????i send you my best wishes Angela-Claudette

  22. so philip sinel was with us but what now ?is it dog eat dog .who can we trust ?

  23. "What a very sad story"

    Isn't it just, Jersey Lawyers & Court Officials were on her like a flock of seagulls around an open bin bag!

    I personally blame the Law Society as they are aware of what goes on, and on a daily basis, they just sit on their hands and look the other way.

    Well, if we can't get any joy from them, we will go around them. A complaint to the Bar Association in London is on the cards, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....

  24. was sinel ever with us? looked that way when he befriended Stuart but he hasn't done much for Stuart in his time of need, has he?

    how very clever to take kudos from a 'friendship' and seem right on

  25. How do you know this person is honest?
    I'm not saying she isn't but you have no proof, bit like Syvret you publish without the evidence to back it up.
    You just cannot pay judge and jury.

  26. I just had to post our brain dead troll's garbage.

    "How do you know this person is honest"
    I don't, but all the evidence I have seen points to her being wholly honest.

    "but you have no proof" & "publish without evidence".
    How in the hell would you know what I know, or what evidence I have? you brain dead cabbage?

    "you just cannot pay judge and jury"
    Why would I "PAY" any judge or jury, what are you on about you imbecile? Go away, learn to write what you think, they try and compose it into something half comprehendable!!!


  27. Ian this person named her children, how can you support her?
    No matter what your children do you should not expose them as they claimed that they had been abused.
    How many children from the Jersey care homes were not listened too.

    1. Has anyone maybe thought that this women is being totally deluded and dishonest? The fact that she named her children and slated them, surely something is not quite right here. Blaming everyone but herself. hmmm very strange. There are always two sides to the story and everyone should remember that before commenting.

    2. And what exactly is it that you know about this case anon???

    3. This lady seems to have fallen out with all of her children all of her lawyers and the Court;why?

    4. Perhaps you should try reading the posting, it helps when trying to understand the story from any standpoint!!!

  28. And I'm not an imbecile, just a caring member of society, that REALLY cares about children.
    That was my post above.

  29. Have we, by any chance, got one of the named lawyers commenting now?

    OF COURSE she named her children! Look what they have done to her. What did she do to them? Have the allegations investigated and took them to saftey without any proof that anything had happened.

    She alienated the love of her life on the pretext that there was the slightest chance that something may possibly be wrong, how much more devotion can you show to your children?

    And don't throw the care homes fishing line to me, I'M NOT BITING. If you do not have the mental capacity to read an article, and without any knowledge of it, and deduce a reasonable synopsis from it....


  30. TROLL TIME is over now, if you wish to air your idiocy, go visit "Jon's Wet Mattress" site, aka the farce blog.

    I let the trolls through tonight to show our foreign readers what saddo's we have in Jersey.

    Any normal comments from normal human being will be gratefully received :)

  31. She should not have named her children.
    That has given them a stigma.
    Ask Carrie.
    This is so wrong and you are an arsehole for allowing all this information on your blog.
    NOT A TROLL!!!

  32. Couldn't resist that one, but that was the last :)

    "This is so wrong and you are an arsehole"

    Far better than being a Jersey Lawyer, OH YES, far better. I sleep with a clear conscience....

  33. And don't bring Carrie into the frame as this has nothing to do with her, Carrie is a dear and honourable friend, so back off "hoopwipe"....

  34. wow e.o.m.f it gets better .life is short .life is hard .what are we all fighting for .i do not think we will ever agree .till the end of what we know .

  35. Egg On My Face.

    Stop stealing lyrics from songs to express yourself, "JUST" be yourself :)

  36. i am e.o m.f but i am not going to agree with everything . always look on the bright side of life . 2012 .year of change ....

  37. 2012, year of change indeed, the banks fall and the people unite, the oppression will be lifted from us.

  38. Something to THINK ABOUT whilst critisizing my aggression and stance against Jersey's scum, YOU have had enough, just as I have, the difference is YOU DO NOTHING!!!

  39. Here is PART 2 The Jersey Police arrive on the scene!!! P.M.S.L

  40. Anon, I am not posting your crap, that is my response!!!

    And as for your assertion....

    "I have met one of them and they seem perfectly normal and kind"

    Didn't very many people say the very same thing about TED BUNDY???

    Anon, Are you a very worried Lawyer?

  41. And whilst we are at it, you know just which dark hole you can embed your data protection shyte in !!!

  42. hey Ian 88 hits a month later - wow

    don't these kids realise that after the scumbag lawyers have shafted their mother they will be next up and they will be EASY meat.

    7 bedford rot,not so sharpe,sinerl had better come up with something better than data protection bollocks

    with the paper trail the tin pot lawyers have left behind the truth will out, hope they have huge insurance

  43. As this particular posting is getting absolutely hammered with hits from all over the world at present, there is much more to it which can be viewed at the link below, and there is far more to come I can assure you all ;)