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Friday, 30 December 2011

"How 'DARE' The Jersey Police Ask For Tasers!!!"

Police want Tasers

JERSEY police officers having to deal with a worrying number of agitated suspects armed with knives should be equipped with Tasers, according to the police chief.

Almost a year since taking over the States of Jersey Police, Mike Bowron says that his officers attend around 20 incidents per year involving people armed with knives, and that electric stun guns would provide another tactical option.

Mr Bowron – who led the City of London Police for nine years – said he was confident that a UK trade embargo, which prevents the UK exporting the weapons, would be lifted for Jersey.
He said: ‘I am pretty confident that we will get there. It is long overdue.

‘We have had quite a few incidents, something in the 20s, of confrontations with emotionally and distressed people reportedly in possession of knives. I have got a duty of care to my officers who turn up at these incidents.’



The biggest worry by far for a States of Jersey Policeman on duty, is the fact that it might rain whilst they are on the beat! What the hell would they need tasers for? Murdering people?

The Great British Police Authorities don't even recognise the Jersey Police Force as a Police Force!!!
They are regarded as a mindless non-entity not worthy of consideration in the valid rules of British Policing!!!

All you need do is look back at the posting we did a couple of weeks ago wherein PC 240 Sykes battered a couple of young lads (see link below) for absolutely no reason! How many taser deaths in this clowns hands? Youtube is littered with stories of taser deaths, just how long before Jersey is???

How many other cases like this in Jersey? I will tell you now, HUNDREDS!!!
In one of my cases I was having a pee behind a van at 3.00am because all the public toilets were locked, see below what they did to me. 15 pictures....(see link below)

And below from another case when I was walking home drunk after finding out that day that my best mate had died, and my best female friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer!

Here are some of the pictures of the injuries inflicted upon me, and for no apparent reason other than these bullies could do so under the protection of their pissy little uniform & badge.

This case was the cause of my letters of complaint to Chief Officer Mike Bowron and of my blog posting from yesterday. These utter cowards are the following excuse for police officers.

Police officer - A Du Feu
Police Officer – S A Le Bas
Police Officer – R McIntosh
Police Officer – L Lang
We have clearly seen how Mike Bowron responds to police brutality against common law men, he responds with the favoured weapon of silence!
But that means nothing as court cases will commence this year, whether the Oligarchy likes it or not. In fact, his silence and inaction only serves my purpose in the long run, I should actually be thanking Mr Bowron for his silence and inaction.

I shall be making new complaints in the future months and involving the mainland authorities who woefully neglect our desperate need for impartiality and justice.

If Jersey's authorities think they are going to quell this little rebellion, they are sadly mistaken indeed.



    Somebody please have an opinion!

  2. Well the world knows about it now, so watch the Jersey police get their just deserts, they will all end up doing time, watch them squirm and blame one another

  3. Thank Christ someone has an opinion, many thanks anon :)

  4. Bowron strikes again! or in your case Ian doesn't.

    Tasers in the hands of Jersey police? No way Jose. Where the hell does Bowron think we are - Brixton? Moss Side? Toxteth? The Bronx?

    No, we are a poxy little Island of no significance, no major crime to speak of, and a police force that over-reacts to everything in any event.

    Get real Mr B.

  5. They should only be allowed them if they agree to be individually tasered in order to demonstrate they are safe. It could be done in the car park outside the station. Tickets a £5. All proceeds to Jersey Hospice.

  6. F.P.M.S.L awesome idea anon :)

    Nice touch with the hospice too. RESPECT xxx

  7. That made my day anon :) Many Thanks....

  8. 7/7 Mike, 7/7....

    I know what happened there, Canary Warf ring a bell? set up ring any bells? explosives company van next to blown up bus ring a bell?

    Concrete Cutters?

    Four muslims set up and murdered Mike?

  9. if you had a choice of being killed with an mp40 bullet to the head/heart or being 'zapped' with a Tazer, which would you choose?

    There are some very strange opinions on here, but what it boils down to is nothing to do with crime levels its about 'not using lethal force' when other options are available.

    And do you know if certain officer's are not 'firearms officer's' anyway? ;)

  10. Winter...pmsl aswell, nice one.
    When CS gas was introduced all cops had to agree to be sprayed with cs gas, so maybe Winter isn't to far off the mark!.......Perhaps £10 per states member for Tazer testing lol.

  11. Below is just one of the many stories as to why tasers should not be used. I would rather the police were armed with loaded guns, at least then you would know what their real intentions were!!

    "The Taser videos are distressing and Swarray cannot bear to watch footage of police restraining him two years ago. His seizure left him unable to remember all the details but eyewitnesses, officials and CCTV from the gym have filled in the blanks. It is common for a person in the recovery phase after a seizure to become aggressive and disorientated, and Swarray sought to escape the gym to cool down, climbing on to the reception desk, at which point he was restrained. A report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) into the incident claimed he "bit, punched and kicked the people who were trying to restrain and treat him", but Swarray's lawyer says no evidence has been produced to support this. Swarray says gym staff told paramedics he was suffering from a seizure but police still struck his arms and legs before firing a Taser at him, handcuffing him and then bending his toes back and standing on his legs to restrain him.

    At the hospital, doctors were shocked by his injuries. Since then, Swarray says, he has suffered from depression and panic attacks, as well as nerve damage in his wrists from where he was handcuffed. It is possible that his renal failure was caused by muscle damage triggered by the Taser, according to a consultant cited by the IPCC, although a more likely cause was said to be physical exertion due to the seizure, gym activity or resisting physical restraint. Swarray also bears psychological scars. "When I go out now I'm scared. I hope nothing happens to me and I have a seizure in the street because I may have to go through what I was put through last time – waking up in intensive care," he says. He does not believe police should be using Tasers at all because they can never tell what health problems a person may have. "How are they going to know unless you're walking around with a placard saying 'I suffer from epilepsy' or 'I have a heart condition'? I could be dead."

  12. "if you had a choice of being killed with an mp40 bullet to the head/heart or being 'zapped' with a Tazer, which would you choose?"

    With respect to your point anon, we must remember that most Jersey police officers can't even be trusted to write the truth down in their statements, let alone use reasonable/minimum force when making an arrest!

    The NATHANIAL LE CORRE CASE is a stark reminder of the over reaction of our police, and the blatant assault the victim suffered at the hands of the arresting officers after he had a chunk bitten from his face....

  13. he is obviously missing the scenario within the city of london - lets bring it on we will end up like new york city

  14. The proposed introduction of TASERS is an absolute joke, in an Island 9 by 5, the amount of Police should be able to contain almost any unpleasant incident that may occur, if these horrible weapons are introduced, then the SOJP will use them indiscriminately to save themselves the possibility of getting a punch on the "f*****g nose.

  15. Raymac.....and why not Taser someone who is intent on harming you?

    If you are stupid enough not to apply the law of retreat and you try and punch someone in the face for doing their job, surely you deserve to be zapped?

  16. Over the last 30 years the Police as individuals have physically got smaller and weaker , there are also a lot more wpc's on the 'frontline' so it stands to reason that they now need weapons that mean they don't actually have to come into physical contact with anyone.....its a forgone conclusion that it will eventually come to Jersey (like the breathalyser).

    This has reminded me of the Cop in the Uk that taser'd a woman in her car that he was giving a parking ticket to!.....I will see if I can find it on youtube.

  17. the size of the island dose not come in to it ,we have some crazy bastards here .most likely biggest drug place with scum dealing it .so zap the bastards

  18. the worst crooks on this rock wear silk and wont be getting tazed


  19. Please tell me this is a joke ? Are they not trained to deal with emotionally and distressed people in there 12 week training camps ? And i am shore that the one thing a distressed or emotional person needs is 50.000 volts putting through them ? I am led to believe that Jersey is safe and there is one police man for every squaire mile . This will be a sad day for Jersey if this is allowed . Maybe Mr Mike Bowron needed them in the city of London but this is not London this is Jersey . God help us all should this man get his way ,

  20. Anon at 7.51pm. You could teach a few basics in 12 weeks but it takes years to learn how to talk to some deranged person with a knife or sword, this is not about zapping 'distressed or emotional people' its about using a non lethal alternative force when there are no other options, But the Police would have to be trained ONLY to use it as a last resort.

    Jersey isn't the safe 'cotton wool' place you think it is, perhaps you need to spend some time with the Honorary or States Police on a Saturday night to see what they have to deal with on a regular basis.

    I'm sick to death of people saying that Jersey is a safe little place that doesn't have the problems that inner cities have, granted we don't have riots but a friend of mine who used to be in the local Police has a loaded spear gun pointed at him, knives held to his stomach, got kicked in the back from behind etc etc, shall I go on?

    I'm not defending the Police but you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  21. I broadly regret the idea of officers carrying Tasers and, if they get permission to bring them in, no doubt they will occasionally be misused but get a grip you other commenters - most of you need to get a sense of proportion.

    Quoting isolated "negative" incidents without relating them numerically to the positive outcomes in the relatively very many more incidents you don't mention is just deliberate bullshitting. Try to keep honest.

    Try READING the post first. Let me quote the bits you commenters seem to have ignored - but this time they are highlighted.

    "JERSEY police officers having to deal with a worrying number of agitated suspects armed with knives should be equipped with Tasers, according to the police chief.

    Almost a year since taking over the States of Jersey Police, Mike Bowron says that his officers attend around 20 incidents per year involving people armed with knives, and that electric stun guns would provide another tactical option

    Now by all means clamp down on cops over-reacting but if someone is menacing anyone with a knife or just threatening to do so, whether they are sober, pissed up or speeding their titties off, they should be taken down as fast as possible and, if they suffer any medical effects afterwards, then that is just their own self-inflicted bad luck.

  22. Compared to London Jersey is safe , And yes the police have a right to defend themselfes .Just like you or i have . But we still don't need Taser guns . And as for spending a saturday night with the police . I worked the clubs and bars in St Helier for many a year . Have seen it and know just how bad it can get , But it still is not London . Doorman and landlords have to deal with people coming back to clubs/bars after being thrown out . They then have to deal with the siuation without stab jackets /cs spray/and so on .
    In stead of taser guns train up more police dog handlers . That would be safer .

  23. what did the police in UK and US use before tasers?

    have injuries to the police and public gone down since their introduction?

    would tasers have stopped the mass murder that happened here earlier this year?

    would they stop attacks against women walking home?

    faced with knife weilding nut jobs the police have; numbers, protective clothing, dogs, cs spray, batons, shields and guns

    tasers have been grossly abused by every police force that have them

    is it ok for police to tase an unarmed suspect?



  24. I met a girl in the Town park the other evening.
    There was an instant spark between us.
    She did this cute little dance, then immediately dropped to her knees and laid on
    the grass at my feet.
    As we lay making love, I thought, Man,
    "These Taser guns are well worth the money"

  25. Yes anon, that is another danger of tasers....

  26. "C" wrote:
    faced with knife weilding nut jobs the police have; numbers, protective clothing, dogs, cs spray, batons, shields and guns

    Not good arguments C. You assume that the policemen are always dealing with incidents they know the circumstances of in advance, giving them a chance to get tooled up.

    In any event spray, batons and shields only work at close quarters, putting the officer at risk. And you point out that they can use GUNS - instead of Tasers? - are you completely mad?

  27. Are you aware of just how many deaths have followed the use of the taser? I've been working closely with colleagues in Canada keeping tabs. The figure is over 700 taser-related deaths. See two sites: and The latter is my online data base providing a counterbalance to the disinformation provided ny the taser manufacturer (TASER International of Scottsdale, Arizona), police and police oversight bodies.

    Jersey citizens will definitely be safer if the police are not granted access to tasers, and, sure as the moon follows the sun, once police have them, they'll increasingkly become a weapon of choice in dealing with "difficult" situations, containing "potential violence".

    In fact, the police are wrong when they point to increased violent crime rates. No, what's increasing is mobile phones with cameras! The violent crime rate is generally down, although a few high-profile incidents make good news-stories.



  28. I see you have a huge array of links further down the right hand side of the "Truth Not Tasers" BLOG!!!


  29. the heavy handed coppers here inflict enough damage on people as it is with there heavy handed tactics,they could not even handle a situation last week with a few harmless young kids without using heavy tactics,they have enough weapons as it is for dealing with people ie cs gas pepper spray handcuffs and good old brute force which they use to excess,give the coppers here tasers and people will end up dying.

  30. Tasers , thats because as of October 2011 UN privately put Europe on Riot Alert. I bet Jersey and Guernsey are shitting there cacks, because they arent equipped for mass riots. You see when food becomes scarce people will riot, its a fact that human nature cannot escape.