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Friday, 2 December 2011

"Four Jersey Cops Cautioned - But What Was Their Punishment???"

Police officers disciplined over bungled property raid

Mr Manning pictured with bales of hay cut open by police during the raid
Mr Manning pictured with bales of hay cut open by police during the raid

FOUR States police officers have been disciplined over a botched raid at a property in St Ouen, the JEP has learned.

In March a team of plain clothes officers dug up parts of a field and allegedly cut open hay bales and polytunnels when they raided a smallholding at Mont Matthieu rented by Islander Richard Manning.

They later discovered that they had raided the wrong address. After the raid the States police launched an internal inquiry, and it is understood that two sergeants and two CID officers were yesterday officially cautioned during a disciplinary hearing chaired by police chief Mike Bowron.

The JEP understands that the officers were not charged with causing damage during the raid, but with using Mr Manning’s rotavator to dig up the ground.


  1. now theres a damn supprise ...mick

  2. Well why weren't they charged with the damage done? I imagine if they were, then each and every raid would be claiming damages, using this as a precedent?

    What will the charge be- hardly taking and driving away a rotavator?

    Maybe, unlawfully working at a gardening job whilst on duty?

    Or maybe the only charge will be them sending Richard Manning a bill for rotavating his field?

    Let's hope Richard continues with his thoughts of legal action.