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Thursday, 1 December 2011

"Fleshed & Fresh - Burnt - Sawn - Bones Are Just A Myth!!!"

"A world of lies"

Yup, that's Jersey Government For Ya

Guardian investigative journalist Nick Davies. Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire
Guardian investigative journalist Nick Davies. Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire

NATIONAL newspapers knowingly ran misleading stories about children being killed and buried at Haut de la Garenne to sell more copies, the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking heard this week.

Journalists sent to the Island could have told editors across Fleet Street that the reports were ‘crap’, but they would have run them anyway, it was alleged.

The evidence was given by leading Guardian investigative journalist Nick Davies, who said that his employers were not exempt from letting ‘commercial considerations’ influence news judgment.

It was Mr Davies, a veteran critic of the way journalists ride roughshod over the truth in the feeding frenzy over big stories, who revealed that murder victim Milly Dowler’s mobile phone had been hacked by the News of the World.


  1. There's no truth in the news, and no news in the truth.

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