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Sunday, 11 December 2011

"Are States Politicians Finally Getting The Message?"

No more flying bananas!

Shame it was allowed to go to the

last minute though!!!

No more flying bananas!
A REPEAT of the ‘flying banana’ controversy has been avoided after a last-minute intervention by the new Chief Minister.

Senator Ian Gorst stepped in to stop taxpayers’ money being spent employing a private design company to create a logo for a website used by States employees.

Earlier this year, employees were asked to come up with a name for the new States intranet service, a system that allows them to communicate using their computers. The competition was won by a civil servant at Home Affairs, who came up with the name MyStates. When the winning entry was announced, all States employees were told that a professional agency would design a new logo to go with the name.

But when St John Constable Phil Rondel heard of the plans, he contacted Senator Gorst to point out that spending money on designing a logo was not appropriate while some Islanders were struggling to make ends meet.

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