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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"What Will Pryke Do With The Money?"

States to approve £6m for health from social security

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Jersey politicians are being asked to approve the transfer of £6m from the health insurance fund to pay for primary care services in 2012.
The health insurance fund is controlled by the social security department and receives a percentage of social security payments.
Six million pounds will be transferred to the States of Jersey and set aside for health care.
It is the second time the amount has been transferred from the fund.
States members approved legislation that allowed for the transfer of payments from the health insurance fund during the business plan debate in 2010.
That legislation required the States to approve individual payments and for the treasury minister to make sure it is only used for health and social services.


  1. The gastric band money is a damn disgrace..last year 85 people wanted gastric bands...yet the Hospital fails top recognise food addiction....a local addiction specialist offered to run two morning clinics a week at the hospital to identify those with food addiction as opposed to those with real endocrine problems and offer therapy,for a mere 20k for an entire year....CLANG the silo mentality kicked in and the hospital admin together with the endocrinologist failed to even answer the therapists e mails...the door was closed on him and on those who could have been don't read of these things in the J.E.P. yet these people strut about and take the money..I SEE LITTLE HOPE FOR THE ORDINARY PEOPLE OF JERSEY.

  2. I hope she spends the money to improve the computer system which according to staff is falling apart.