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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

"Syvret Still Not Giving In"

Stuart Syvret defiant after losing appeal

Stuart Syvret
Stuart Syvret

FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret vowed to make one last bid for freedom on Monday after he lost an appeal against his jail sentence for contempt of court.

Following an appeal hearing, during which Syvret repeated most of his previous complaints against the Jersey legal system, the Royal Court ruled that the eight-week sentence imposed last Wednesday was appropriate.
Community service
The hearing was expected to be the culmination of a long legal process which began when Syvret was charged with data protection and minor motoring offences in 2009 and ended last week when he was jailed by Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw for failing to carry out community service for contempt of court.
The charge related to a six-month period where Syvret left Jersey for the UK instead of facing trial in Jersey.
But the 45-year-old yesterday vowed to bring a ‘habeas corpus’ hearing – a rare court action used to free a prisoner from illegal detention – later this week.

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  1. Good for you Stuart my boy....Nils illigitimi basti carborundum