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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

"Syvret Jailed!!!"

"Jersey's Criminal Courts"

Stuart Syvret was jailed this afternoon, his sentence having been reverted back to the original jail term imposed.

Stuart also claimed the protection of Common Law which was simply ignored by the judge and prosecutor, a criminal act in itself.

Such was the utter breakdown of Law today it can only deem our courts not fit for purpose. I will be writing a blog posting later this evening on today's malfeasance's and the consequences of them.

We will also be doing an interview with VFC at the weekend to demonstrate the corruption witnessed today.

Also worthy of note is that, all the State Media could say, when we asked them if they "understood the utter corruption that had just taken place in front of their own eyes"
their response was

"We are not BOVVERED"



  1. totally wrong mate ,they just want to blacken his name

  2. He breached his bail he got the same sentence as anyone else would. This is just want he wanted more publicity. He is not above the law. Not everyone in jersey feels he is hard done by! It was his choice.

  3. Totally right......I was a supporter originally but he made a fool of himself today.

  4. The European Court is where this will end up and a good thing too.his common law rights have been denied...he has effectively been jailed by a private limited company...and I'm sure he'll use the time should focus on getting this exposed at a responsible level where the real principles of law are observed.

  5. and also can we have some comment on the piece of loo roll called the J.E.P their blog is censored toward the establishment...what sort of pre war bias exists....what about free press...this place has become bloody dangerous for the individual and only by solidarity will the average citizen have a dog's chance...the times they are a changin' I sense some revolution in the air and it is long overdue...the reason the powers that be don't mess with the French is that they are known to bite back..

  6. It would appear that your advice about not allowing the court to have jurisdiction didn't quite work out!

  7. Our advice about jurisdiction was perfectly correct as it worked in Bridget Shaw's courtroom on Monday afternoon in another case!!!

    Thus proving that there is one law for syvret, another law for plebs, and NO LAW for corrupt court officials :)

    The disgusting Jersey Way....

  8. The reporting by CTV could not have been more bias. The time inside, will I am sure, strengthen Stuarts resolve.

  9. Stuart is doing the right thing.

    If he had accepted community service it would have been all over the Island from the local media that Syvret has admitted his guilt.

    As it was the local BBC TV made Lundy out to be the good guy and Syvret the bad guy.

    Local ITV news read out several comments all slagging down Syvret, no comment commending him....

    And probably all the comments from the same "demented Jon"!!??

  10. I'm sure that he'll find Jesus in prison.

    Put there by Bridget as well.

  11. Hi Ian,what is going to happen to Stuart's blog site?Is he even going to have access to a computer?

  12. Access to a Computer!!!

    He can't even get Access to Justice....

  13. stuarts correctly claimed inalienable were ignored today by a criminal cartel

    the judiciaries oaths of office mean nothing,
    the police arrested him on heresay evidence
    (they witnessed no crime)

    a community service organiser ( not even a trained probation officer) was allowed to give medical opinion and a character assessment having spoken to Stuart for less than 30 minutes

    none of Stuarts well researched and valid points
    were allowed

    Bridget Shaw and S. Baker plumbed the depths trail blazed by bailhache

    there is no justice in Jersey


  14. Saw you on the 'news?' Cy... Well done for supporting Stuart my love.... That 1st comment is me btw... love Chris..x

  15. Ian did you join Mr. Syvret in the dock? or did you stay in the public gallery?

  16. I stayed on dry land, it was Cyril that went out to sea!

    Cyril is a carpenter and was able to secure the plank that Stuart was forced to walk!

  17. ian jersey justice murder some one with a car you get to go on holiday speak the truth in court go to jail. i do hope stuart gets even stronger because of this injustice done on him when will people see what is going on on this island

  18. Why was Deputy Power not even charged with the same offence as Stuart which led to this, that arse-licking brown-nosed bastard found a document lying on top of a photocopying machine, took it, knowing fully well it was not his, in other words, he stole it!, then he forwarded it to other States members who would, in his mind, consolidate his relationship with the Establishment, what better example of a breach of Data is there than that, no charges against him though!, he is not an enemy of the Establishment, he is though, a crawling bastard.

  19. The media are as corrupt and guilty as the establishment....and where oh where is any politician with cajones enough to investigate the truth.....playing fast and loose with the law is devaluing the Law of the land....consensus is the fuel of democracy...we have a corroding of the very substance of community going on ...many wrongdoers have been let out the side door locally especially in the Haut De LA Garenne is to be hoped that in the U.K. court true justice will prevail and the skulduggery here is exposed along with the nameing and shameing of those culpable...right will out over wrong..

  20. "Right will out over wrong" if only that were true!
    If only that were true, then Deputy Sean Power would be in La Moye beside Stuart, instead of delivering goods to the poor people of Romania, making out that he is Mr. Nice Guy.
    That man never done anything for anyone unless there is a lot more in it for himself.
    His exchange of e-mails with the Irish Developers "Harcourt" who had no money should have made people realise that years ago, instead of listening to all his Irish "blarney.
    Believe me, he is the worst Politician ever to be sworn in as a States member.
    If "right will out over wrong" then we would never have "Hitlers Daughter"aka Angela Merkel or that other abnoxious dwarf Sarkosy telling that we will run our lives exactly as they tell us!
    Bring on the Revolution!!!!!!