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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

"Syvret Is Never Giving Up!!!"

Judge to decide on Stuart Syvret's Royal Court appeal

Stuart Syvret did not complete any of the 80 hours of community service he was originally given

A judge will decide if a Royal Court appeal can be opened into a case by the Magistrates Court.

It is believed to be the first time this has happened in Jersey.
Stuart Syvret wants his case reopened and claims his conviction for breaking data protection

laws may not have happened had evidence not been kept from him.
The former health minister is serving an eight-week prison sentence for failing to do his community service.

Sir Christopher Pitchers, a Commissioner for the Royal Court, is considering whether the new evidence from two witnesses would have affected Syvret's original conviction.
'No precedence'
Syvret lost his appeal in the Royal Court in August against a contempt of court conviction and was ordered to do 80 hours of community service.
But after failing to complete any of the sentence, Jersey magistrate Bridget Shaw re-sentenced Syvret to eight weeks in prison for his contempt of court offence.
Bridget Shaw - Oligarchy Criminal

Syvret was arrested and charged with breaching data protection laws in 2009 when he published personal information on his blog.
He failed to appear before magistrates and fled to England, which led to the contempt of court conviction.

The judge told the court he would send a written judgement to Syvret once his decision was made.
He said since there was no precedence for a case like this in Jersey, it made it more complicated, so he could not make a judgement on Wednesday morning.


  1. Ian will you publish the article from todays State media. I refer to the paper media known as the JEP. The article on Mr. Syvrets court appearance.

  2. I am NOT buying one but will see if I can get hold of a second hand one.

    I will have to ask friends to check their toilets and kittens litter trays :)

  3. Yesterdays JEP is todays toilet paper.

    I think thats the right phrase!!

  4. Nice one Ian. I have just tweeted this blog posting. Keep going.


  5. Stuart was seen being chauffeur driven to court today.

    Not in a prison wagon but a police car.

  6. No, todays JEP is todays toilet paper!

  7. Next door but one were putting the "filthy rag" down for the puppy to pee on, so I quickly took to it with scissors and left the rest for the dog :)

  8. The court is bending over backwards to prevent Mr. Powers 90 page document to be entered and used in evidence supporting Mr Syvrets claims?

  9. YUP, but once it's in, it's in !!!

  10. One must ask..why would the local paper be so keen to protect kiddy fiddlers and those who support many Broken Paedo rings ,judges .clergy..and editors along with police and probation officials have been found again the question gets more important why would they ..who are they has to be asked as it is so glaring.

  11. Their own rag rapist for a kick off....

  12. Dirty deeds done dirt cheapNovember 24, 2011 7:32 pm

    "No, todays JEP is todays toilet paper! "

    Very true but i suppose it depends on what time of day you read it, I mean need it!!!

    Has Pitchers made a judgement yet? Been checking the ctv website but not seen anything and they are normally up to date on anything Syvret.

    Does this Rag Rapists actually exist, keep hearing mention of it on SS blog but I am beginning to wonder whether it is a phrase used to depict a member of the JEPs reporting rather than actual actions. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying you or Stuart are wrong but it seems to be a phrase bandied about yet there has been nothing tangible offered by anybody, just the phrase.

    I hope I am right and it is just a phrase that encompasses their journalism but if I am wrong then I also hope that soon the truth will emerge and if you and stuart are correct then I would hope to see why it has not been uncovered previously.

    I am not trying to intice you to name names or anything and certainly dont want you to, just putting my point across.

  13. He has already been named publicly....

  14. The obvious point is that Stuart Syvret tried to speak out during his Christmas speech and was cut off. He then used his blog in the truest public interest and was persecuted and prosecuted. Now, he seeks some just redress from the courts and is told not to air his grievances there, either. Well then, where is Jersey's democratic forum for free speech?


    Ian, I just wanted you to know that someone from here has submitted a new request to Amnesty International UK for Stuart to be considered a political prisoner. It looks likely they will take on his cause. Never give up.

  16. "He has already been named publicly.... "

    Oh ok i didnt know that. please accept my apoligy for being ignorant to it.