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Friday, 4 November 2011

"Syvret & Her Majesty's Subjects Screaming Out For Justice In Jersey"

"MP John Hemming wants Investigation into Corruption in Jersey"


 Stuart Syvret did not complete any of the 80 hours of community service he was originally given

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The British Government is being urged to order an investigation into the running of Jersey's public authorities.

It follows the imprisonment of former senator Stuart Syvret.
The Lib Dem MP John Hemming has tabled a House of Commons motion, accusing the island's legislature, executive and judiciary of "political repression".

He is calling on the Justice Secretary to appoint an independent commission similar to a corruption inquiry held into the Turks and Caicos Islands.
The MP is claiming that "ordinary people" on the island are being "oppressed" by what he calls "an entrenched oligarchy".

In his motion he said there had been "political repression of former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power and former Senator Stuart Syvret".
He is calling for action to be taken to ensure that European Human Rights laws are enforced in Jersey.

The former health minister, Stuart Syvret was jailed for eight weeks on Wednesday after failing to do any of his community service sentence for a contempt of court offence.
He is appealing against his sentence at Jersey's Royal Court on Monday.
The BBC is expecting a statement from the Chief Minister.

John Hemming's Address




John Hemming

* 1

That this House notes the imprisonment of Stuart Syvret; believes that the public authorities of the island of Jersey do not operate in a manner compliant with the requirements of the European Commission of Human Rights (ECHR), there being overt and significant overlaps and contaminations between the legislature, executive and judiciary; further notes that Her Majesty's subjects in Jersey are not protected by effective checks and balances, and that there has been the political repression of former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power and former Senator Stuart Syvret; further notes that, notwithstanding the responsibility the Secretary of State for Justice has for good governance and Convention Rights in Jersey, the island's authorities are permitted to repress opposition activists, and that the Secretary of State for Justice and Jersey's Lieutenant Governor have failed to act; further notes that successive governments of the United Kingdom have committed this nation to securing real democratic freedoms and the rule of law in other jurisdictions, yet in the British enclave of Jersey on the United Kingdom's very doorstep, ordinary powerless people are oppressed by an entrenched oligarchy; and calls on the Secretary of State for Justice to appoint an independent Commission similar to that which investigated corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to investigate the conduct of Jersey's public administration and to urgently bring the protections of the ECHR to Her Majesty's subjects in the island.


  1. Did BBC channel Island News just say they do not believe Mr. Hemming will get support needed.

    Perhaps a campaign emailing mps would help

  2. They did indeed spout such nonesense, but we shall see :)

  3. I would love to know what you think of the moral standing of John Hemming Ian.
    As his private life has recently been splashed over the newspapers in the last couple of days. And I do believe Zoompad is not to keen on him either .

  4. To be honest, I know nothing of his private life, and furthermore, I couldn't care less about what a man does in private, excepting for rape, child abuse and murder.

    The only thing of concern is getting Jersey's criminal administration finished off forever!!!

  5. Perhaps you should look at Zoompads comments about the man, on the voice blog. As you profess to be anti child abuse(which I don't doubt by the way) you might find her comments interesting if not disturbing.

  6. Zoompad tends to drift into alternate realities from week to week and falls out with many many people over the course and duration of her rants.

    Indeed, things have gotten so bad that I have (reluctantly) had to disassociate from her.

  7. A list of M.P. e mail addresses allowing locals to put their point over would be might secure the enquiry a la Turks And ever if there is nothing to hide ...and all is chickity boo...then nothing to worry about...and the powers that be would be able to waive a clean bill of health....

  8. Thank you very much to Anon who has provided THIS LINK to UK MP's

  9. Breaking news BBC
    Hobby the Hampster found in a bag in Guernsey
    Preceded by John Hemming artical, are they taking the piss?
    I think so.

  10. I am systematically e mailing the M.P.'s thank's to the 'provider' I am however only one..for them to respond and liase with Mr>Hemmings will take more than me....this may be the best chance to get outside eyes that have influence to look into this cesspit...come on guys...just a few minutes of your time is all it will take for the outside world to know we need help...

  11. The J.E.P. have stopped posting any controversial contributions on it's blog...what do we have here ..State sponsored censorship

  12. Guernsey's press (this is guernsey)have updated their site too.

    At the bottom of the first page there are links to 3 sites under usful links.
    Your shout(how ours used to be with just one click for all to come up.
    Guernsey press letters.
    Under our useful links are
    Picture sales
    Page sales
    On line bookshop!

    Take a look yourselves and see the difference,Guernsey comes on top once again.
    If they don't want us to comment why don't they take the site down altogether,but I guess they would rather suppress up.

  13. No matter what any individual feels or knows about the particular politician John Hemming, he is doing something helpful by bringing attention to Jersey's scandalous human rights abuses. Outside attention to Stuart's case is Stuart's best protection, and it might provide a better chance for civil rights reform in Jersey.

    I happen to support Stuart Syvret, but even if I did not, I would still be horrified at his mistreatment, and violation of his basic human rights. I would wast to see political support from all quarters. I know almost nothing about John Hemming, but if our moral standards are too lofty to be met by those who can further our cause of justice, we are only hurting ourselves. It is not necessary for us to vote for someone or even to agree with most of their positions and behavior before we accept their efforts on behalf of the common good.

    Lord knows the paedo-protecting side does not care where its allies come from!

  14. We are Legion Expect us.November 06, 2011 2:13 pm

    Time to fight with your fists, as they would think nothing of having you crushed into the ground under the boot. For the 99% to have any chance it needs to happen fast so these rich bastards dont stand a chance to react just like many of the kids in those homes.

  15. Fist Fights are not, and have never been an option.

    We will use their weapon, LAW, against them, turn their strength back against them.

    The humiliation would be so much fun....

  16. Yeah I know, But face it ian you would just love to punch one them!

  17. Actually, NO!!!

    What I would love is to see the corrupt shower of thieves, liars and cheats get carted off to where they belong....PRISON

  18. That would be refreshing.