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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"A Snip At Three Grand A Week"

New plans move Esplanade car park underground

The new boss of the company behind plans for redeveloping Jersey's Esplanade and Waterfront unveiled his plans for the Esplanade today - which include moving the car park underground and scaling down the building of offices there by 25%.

Lee Henry has been appointed the new Managing Director of the States of Jersey Development Company, which has taken over the work of the Waterfront Enterprise Board.

The 35-year-old is on a £145,000 salary - and the opportunity of a performance related bonus of 20% - though this is half as much as the man he has replaced, Stephen Izatt, who was on £266,540.

The Company's plans for the Esplanade area have been scaled down to try and appease States Members' concerns. Simon Crowcroft, in particular, is not happy with them, and wants a public consultation and the plans to be put on hold.

The blueprint for the new plans mean the 460,000 square foot offices due to be built where the Esplanade car park is situated, will be 25% smaller than the original blueprint - only taking up the current car park area.

And half of that space will be a green park and a public square.

The 520 car parking spaces will not be lost - they will simply be moved underground.

And there will be an extra 250 spaces at the top of the buildings for Esplanade office workers.

A controversial part of the development has also been shelved - a nearby road will not now need sinking in order to build on the car park.

And the new plans for this place would also be less of a burden on taxpayers. The old plan would have required £350 million pounds of public investment, whereas now that is not going to be the case.

Now private finance will be used and the first phase is set to generate a £20 million profit for the States.

Planning permission has largely been granted - only the design details need signing off, so the project could get off the ground in just over a year.

And that could provide a £100 million pound boost to the construction industry.

But a proposition from Town Constable Simon Crowcroft could stop the development because he will be asking States Members when they meet next Tuesday to put the plans on hold. If Members agree with him, the plans could be stopped altogether.

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  1. Ian why is it that none of the local blogs highlight yours on there side panel.?

  2. This development is not needed, 1/10th of office space in St. Helier is empty.