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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"Shoppers Vote With Their Feet"

Six jobs go as Jersey family-run furniture shop closes

One of Jersey's oldest companies is closing its furniture store in Bath Street in St Helier with the loss of six jobs.
F Le Gallais and Sons Limited has been selling furniture from Bath Street for about 100 years.
It has decided in the current economic climate to close its furniture retail business, but its other businesses are unaffected.
The company said the decision to close the Bath Street shop was a painful one.
The company was founded in 1825 as a cabinet maker and has since moved into removals, storage and an estate agency.
Managing Director Tim Le Gallais, the sixth generation of his family to get involved in the business, said part of it was no longer profitable.
He said: "You have to be fairly realistic when you make these decisions for the business and the future for your shareholders.
"And as long as you can carry it out in the most sympathetic way possible then I think that's a good thing to do, and that's what we're trying to take forward in closing the store down."


  1. is it really a suprise that more and more shops are closing there doors on this poxy rock ! when you can buy online for under half the rip off prices they charge here including delivery to jersey,but now there even taking that choice away from us as they have now lowered the threshold of what you can buy online before you have to pay gst to £240.greedy jersey pigs i hope you choke on your own filthy greed!

  2. 900 commuters no longer parking at Gas Place - much less 'footfall' past this uninviting shop!

  3. This shop will now become a Toy shop, just what we need, I am beside myself with "f*****g excitment!

  4. Word is a very large Toy store will appear there,which will trash local toy stores,,,,if registered offshore wont pay any tax.....the beneficial owner apparently has a house this space.........