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Saturday, 26 November 2011

"Safe Jersey - The 'Big Society' In Action"

Three years in prison for assault on New Year’s Eve

Gary Hogg was jailed for three years
Gary Hogg was jailed for three years

A MAINTENANCE worker who was involved in a joint attack in which a man was threatened with a knife, punched, kicked and hit over the head with a glass bottle on New Year’s Eve, was jailed this week.

Gary Hogg, who along with Ryan Jon Donachie, committed a grave and criminal assault on Donachie’s mother’s boyfriend, was jailed for three years by the Superior Number of the Royal Court.

Both men carried out the attack not long after being released early from custodial sentences in La Moye prison.

Donachie, who has admitted the offence but escaped while on bail, did not appear in court for sentencing and the Crown has urgently applied for his arrest in the UK.

Crown Advocate Julian Gollop, prosecuting, told the court how Donachie (23) and Hogg (26), from Glasgow, had met in prison and had been drinking at the victim’s flat in Stopford Road on the evening of the attack.

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