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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"Safe Jersey - The 'Big Society' In Action"

Man ‘attacked with wire cutters, screwdriver, and pool cue’

The trial is taking place in the Royal Court
The trial is taking place in the Royal Court

A MAN’S ear was ‘snipped’ with wire cutters, his leg was stabbed with a screwdriver and his knee was beaten with a pool cue as he lay in his bed, a jury heard yesterday.

On the opening day of an Assize trial in the Royal Court, the prosecution said that three men entered the victim’s bedroom at about 3 am and launched the vicious attack.
Two of them began violently attacking him because they thought he had stolen money, the court was told.
The jury heard that the 35-year-old victim, a former chef, was punched and one of the attackers threatened to cut his testicles with the wire cutters.
The prosecution claimed that Kelvin Mwaura Ng’Ang’A, Alex Ngila Wambua and Bryan Marve Ogesa committed a grave and criminal assault on the man on 13 January at his home address in Grande Route de Sablons, Grouville.
Ng’Ang’A admitted the charge but Kenyan-born Mr Wambua (38) and Mr Ogesa (24), a part-time DJ at the Live Lounge, deny the offence and are facing a three-day trial.

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