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Friday, 4 November 2011

"The Rise & Rise Of A True Statesman & The Fall Of The Oligarchy"

"A Testament To A Real Man"

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  1. Two pints of lager and a packet of crips please, I'll have some pickled onions and a little bit of cheese please, thank you.November 04, 2011 6:48 pm

    And just as I expected from the JEP bugger all really about the rise but loads about the fall and not even having the decency to report properly about the Reg Jeune fiasco. I believe it wasnt so much the law he opposed but the fact it was rushed through without going through the normal procedures.

    With the child abuse issue, although that is almost the whole of their timeline they dont actually report much of what actually went on during that time, just snippets with a little hint that they are reporting it just as it really happened. They dont go into any detail which I suppose for once they actually leave it up to the reader to decide. But then as they have already peddled their filth then their readers will decide the JEP was right all along.

    I honestly, stupid as i am thought that they would do the decent thing and put a bit more effort into the pre HLG times seeing as that is a small amount of time compared to how long he was a member. Well, I supose they didnt really let me down I just thought for once they might put their crap asside and do a decent thing. Glad I didnt bother to buy it now as it isnt worth using as last resort toilet paper.

    Thanks for posting it though.

    P.S. stop throwing fag butts on the pavement, please!

  2. Re using The Jersey Evening Post as toilet paper, when I was a kid that's all we had mum cut it up in to little squares, funny how things go a full circle I have stopped buying the Rag for over 2 years because as the writer above states it is only good for wiping your ass especially if there is a picture of the Editor, or the Bailhache brothers on it keep up the good work Ian