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Saturday, 26 November 2011

"Public Have Lost Faith In All Departments - Not Just Planning"

Public have lost faith in planning system

The politician who was once Jersey's chief officer at planning and environment says the public has lost confidence in the planning system.

The newly-elected St Brelade No 1 Deputy John Young is aiming to call on his previous experience to help the minister responsible for planning to claw back public support.

John Young is chairman of the planning and environment scrutiny panel, but he does not believe he will be at loggerheads with the minister Deputy Rob Duhamel.

"I stood on a platform of improving the planning system because I think the public has lost confidence in that, but I think, fortunately, the new minister is very much on that agenda. There is a lot of common ground between us," said Deputy Young.

The scrutiny panel chairman says he will be drawing on his experience of working outside of the island. In Guernsey he was a member of the planning appeals panel and he has run planning inquiries in Alderney.

The department is taking on a bigger role - and that is likely to mean a busy time ahead for one of the island's newest politicians.

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