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Thursday, 24 November 2011

"A Problem With Child Safety In Jersey! - Ya Don't Say?"

Loophole in child safety - Let's hope Mario's not on the case!!!

Fiona Vacher, executive director of the JCCT
Fiona Vacher, executive director of the JCCT

PEOPLE working with babies and young children in Jersey’s crêches do not have to be police checked, the JEP has learned.

A gap in Jersey law means that parents may not know the history of who is looking after their children.

After being alerted to the problem, the Education department has launched an investigation and is seeking legal advice.

That comes after the Island’s largest child care charity to launched a campaign to push the States into changing the law to ensure that all those working with babies and children in Jersey are police checked.

The Jersey child Care Trust, which is based at The Bridge, St Saviour, said that the reason crêches are outside the law is because they look after children for less than two hours.
Fiona Vacher, executive director of the JCCT, said: ‘When we asked parents, they had no idea that crêches may not be police checked and couldn’t believe it.’

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