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Thursday, 17 November 2011

"Pip-Squeaks, 'I Care' As The Laughing Stock Continues"

Senator Philip Ozouf keeps Treasury job - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - ozouf

Senator Philip Ozouf has kept his seat as Treasury Minister - defeating the Chief Minister designate's choice for the job.

It is a surprise win for Senator Ozouf - who has been under fire in recent weeks - and who won the vote against Senator Ian Le Marquand a close 26 votes to 24, with one spoiled ballot paper.

The vote went to a third round and ended up as a decision between Senator Ian Gorst's nomination of Senator Le Marquand - and Senator Ozouf.

Four States Members were up for the job: Senator Ozouf, Senator Le Marquand, Deputy John Le Fondre, and Senator Alan Breckon.

Senator Francis Le Gresley has received the position of Social Security Minister - Senator Gorst's nomination, while Deputy Geoff Southern and Deputy Eddie Noel missed out.

Andrew Green stays on as Housing Minister, beating off Montfort Tadier 35 votes to 15, and James Reed misses out in Education Sport and Culture Minister, with Patrick Ryan getting the post.

Meanwhile, because Senator Le Marquand missed out on Treasury, Senator Gorst has announced that his original nomination for Home Affairs Minister, Lyndon Farnham, has 'graciously bowed out' so that Senator Le Marquand can now stand as his choice.

Chief Minister designate Ian Gorst has already released the names of those he wants to take up the nine Ministerial seats.

The day is set to see big challenges from high profile States Members to continue their Ministerial careers. Each position will be voted on and decided by the States in turn and we will bring you every choice.

 Senator Ozouf speaks after winning his place as Treasury Minister back and says he 'cares about people'.

Sir Philip Bailhache has been given one of two Assistant Chief Minister posts - which do not need to be voted on - with responsibility for foreign affairs, while Paul Routier will stay in the other.

It is only after his Council of Ministers has been chosen, that Senator Gorst will officially become Jersey's new Chief Minister.

Gorst's Gang: The chosen and the challengers

Treasury Who's in: Senator Philip Ozouf
Who missed out: Senator Ian Le Marquand, Deputy John Le Fondre, and Senator Alan Breckon.

Social Security Who's in: Senator Francis Le Gresley
Who missed out: Deputy Geoff Southern and Deputy Eddie Noel

Housing Who's in: Deputy Andrew Green
Who missed out: Deputy Montfort Tadier

Education, Sport and Culture
Who's in: Patrick Ryan
Who missed out: James Reed and Trevor Pitman

Economic Development Nominee: Senator Alan Maclean
Challenger: Deputy Mike Higgins

Home Affairs Nominee: Ian Le Marquand (Changed from Senator Lyndon Farnham)

Planning Nominee: Deputy Rob Duhamel

Health Nominee: Deputy Anne Pryke
Challenger: Senator Sarah Ferguson

Transport and Technical Services Nominee: Constable John Refault
Challenger: Deputy Kevin Lewis

Who do YOU want in the roles? Let us know who you would like to see in each Ministerial post...

How will the Council be chosen?

It is only after his Council of Ministers is voted in, that Senator Gorst will officially become Chief Minister and take over from the outgoing Terry Le Sueur.

Senator Gorst will be invited by the Presiding Officer to make each of his nominations in turn. Following each nomination the Presiding Officer will then invite States Members to nominate alternative candidates for appointment to the Ministerial Office concerned. If there are no alternative nominations the Member nominated by the Chief Minister designate will be selected for appointment.

If more than one Member is nominated, the Presiding Officer will invite each candidate to speak for up to 10 minutes, followed by a 20 minute question period.

After the candidates have spoken and been questioned, a secret ballot or ballots will be held and once a candidate has obtained a majority of votes, he or she will be appointed to the relevant Ministerial Office.


  1. mismanages our financial affairs like a drunken teenager with Daddies credit card out on a spree.were doomed...more Tax tax and Tax to pay for his spend spend spend.

  2. He cares about people! do not not make me laugh, the only thing that Senator Philip Ozouf cares about is his own ego.
    It has just been proved beyond any reseonable doubt that he is a creep, how any man, or person with even the slightest bit of respact for himself could beg, and that is what his behavior indicated, to keep his job as Treasury Minister or any job come to that, defeats me.
    He still has has his eye on the Cheif Ministers position, believe me!