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Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Pay Our Extortion Money - 'Or Suffer' - The Jersey Way"

Jersey's Vindictive Spineless government weasels victimise Roger Trower for not paying on demand.

No place for this sign, say Planning
The Broadlands sign overlooking the Royal Square

JUST weeks ago, estate agent Roger Trower took on the mighty Jersey Financial Services Commission by refusing to pay a new fee.

And now he has picked a fight with a new enemy – the Planning department.
The department has ordered the Broadlands director to remove an advertising sign painted on the side of his building, overlooking the Royal Square.

He argued that archive photographs showed that there used to be signs around the square, but to no avail. And he says that he is prepared to do battle with the department in the Royal Square to keep the sign up.


  1. Stick to your guns Roger, don't let them grind you down.

  2. CTV just announced he is removing the sign mate ...mick

  3. Must have threatened to make his life a misery, shut down the work etc etc....These people are just disgusting

  4. Braodlands have alway's been agressive nasty bullies, it serves em right..............and it's decades ove due by the way!!

  5. This sort of Govt behaviour wherein another department tries to give him a hard time....because ha has pissed their colleagues off...proves the very substance of the petition...they just can't help themselves can army of Jobsworths all earning good money to be a thorn in the side of those who fund them...they were lucky not to have had Gadaffi as a boss.

  6. In years gone by there were adverts all over the place on buildings, neon signs for booze etc - the one at Bel Royal for Gordons Gin ended up being the last one.
    I think it brightens up the place, gives you something to look at. I always like to see billboards in the UK/France when I get off the rock, it's good to have a change. I don't know why Jersey has to be so prissy about ads!

  7. I have had dealings with Broadlands and they have been the only ones to give a decent, not overpriced valuation as per market conditions.

    I remember buing and selling a flat and they quoted about 215k as a good price to sell at, although ask for 5k more as a negotiable price. Two other companies wanted to put it at £240 and £245 respectively. I then got another company, unfortunately I cant remember the name to compliment them to value it and they said same as broadlands give or take a grand or two and the others were taking me for a ride to keep it on their books.

    All I am saying therefore is my experience with them is they are fair, even if prices are ridiculous, nothing they can do about that.

    Different thing but has the Gordons Gin sign gone, I drive that way almost every day and just expect it to be there so havent noticed if it has gone. Used to love that sign in neon as a kid, it meant we were headed out west for the evening!

  8. Now come on Roger you should know better,you have to kiss ass or give head to have a chance in Jersey...being a rebel will get you nowhere..anyway who do you think you are wanting things like fairness,have you forgotten where you are ..? this place is run by spineless vindictive little sicko's ..they don't want grown ups like you pointing out the error of their incestuous can only end in tears have you learned nothing from Stuart Syvret's incarceration.Fancy expecting fair play were you dreaming,that you lived in a democracy...there is no place here for Naysayers..they must be crushed and exterminated.. Jack Boot style...don't think the establishment were not taking notes when the Nazi's were here 'cos they were very much so ...and now we have the C.O.M. Reich...and you are not to piss them off or they'll send a swat team to raid your house/office and confiscate your Smarties...never mind your delusional ideas about real community and fairplay..they'll bugger you.