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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Jersey Politicians Don't Want
The Syvret Or Pitman Treatment!!!

And the "filthy rag" call this an analysis???



  1. It will be fun tomorrow listening to who and how the various scrutiny panels get filled!?

  2. I was listening to the shambles on the radio, and for once I don't see what's wrong with the rag article!

  3. Pitman is being frozen out by the Oligarchy. The only thing Gorst/Ballsache/Ozouf would put him forward for inclusion on would be a list for a firing squad.

  4. one of the most responsible and important jobs...and they take a total novice to oversee the spending of multi millions....the case for island wide mandate all island inclusive voting is now glaring like a gaping open wound

  5. Will a former journalist be scrutinizing the media problem in Jersey? I think not.