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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"New Chief Minister Shows The First Signs Of Weakness"

"Gorst To Let Bailhache Decide
What Job He Wants?"
And that's leadership!
Bet he opts for Foreign Minister so he can go influencing the world all on his own....

Jersey's Chief Minister designate Senator Ian Gorst has until Thursday to put together his new council - and says he wants to offer Sir Philip Bailhache a Ministerial post.

Senator Gorst beat Sir Philip to the top job yesterday in a tight States vote of 27-24.

The vote was open this year for the first time, meaning that the new Chief Minister knows who voted for him - which may well influence who he chooses for his Council of Ministers on Thursday.

His speech to the States about what he hopes to achieve was very personal in tone, saying he believes community cohesion, education, jobs and health are the priorities for the island.

He said: "I want my young daughter to grow up in a society which is inclusive, where there is appropriate support and opportunity for the less well-off and for the vulnerable - but also support for those who show initiative and inspiration and want to better themselves and their Island."

The result reflects our exclusive online poll where more than 1600 of you voted, and 55% of you wanted Senator Gorst as Jersey's most senior politician. It had been a two horse race between Senator Gorst and Sir Philip after Senator Ian Le Marquand pulled out last week, saying he no longer believed he could win.


  1. and i thought he might be the change jersey needs...and he has failed already with this sign of weakness grrrr...mick

  2. I love posting under other peoples names on JEP and CTVNovember 15, 2011 7:38 pm

    He HAS to give Philip Bailache a position in minsterial government, similar to when Walker had to give SS a ministerial position. If he doesn't it will be his downfall. Let him give the pompous one a position, see him fail and then in 3 years time he will be gone for good. This is good news, once pompous Phil makes a fool of himself then he is gone for good. See the positive in this. It may take a few years but its a marathon not a sprint.

  3. Exactly the same thought crossed my mind when I read that comment. Great leadership, not.

  4. Jon's Ammonia Mattress

    left another comment but, sorry Jon, if you smell like asprin and pee, you can't post here :)

  5. i think he is a bit naffed off ,did you see his face when the result was told .now he is going to have to work hard ,and why at his age with all the money he has .he thought he would be c.m and have all his boys running around him like frank did .it will be fun to watch the next 3 years .

  6. Hope Patrick Ryan won't be too inquisitive.