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Thursday, 24 November 2011

"New Chief Minister Gorst Is Not So Unified After All"

More committee and panel decisions in States, But only my mates need apply.

Following the election of Chairmen and women for Panels and Committees on Tuesday, today it was time to elect members to those panels.

Like on Tuesday it was not much of a contest, with most members being appointed unopposed.

First, the Public Accounts Committee - led by Deputy Vallois - is now supported by Senator Sarah Ferguson, with Deputy Shona Pitman and Deputy Richard Rondel on it.

Senator Sarah Ferguson is joined on the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel by the Deputy of St Ouen, the Constable of Grouville, Deputy Power and Deputy Rondel.

The Economic Affairs panel, chaired by Deputy Steve Luce will be assisted by the Constables of St Brelade and St Ouen.

And Deputy Macon is joined on the Education and Home Affairs Panel by The Constables of St Brelade and St Martin.

Deputy Hilton and Deputy James Reed join Deputy Kristina Moore on the Health, Social Security and Housing Scrutiny Panel.

Constable Phil Rondel joins Deputy John Young on the Environment Scrutiny Panel. Deputy Young originally wanted to appoint two members to his panel, but said he was only able to appoint one because he could not find a second person to nominate at this point.

He said: "I think there's always a limited pool of members who Environment is number one priority for them- that's understandable. But of course we've got the procedural problem this time. Compared with previous States, the States receive the announcement of the assistant ministers appointments. The decision was that that wasn't done today, so members were uncertain about what announcements were going to be made and there were a number of members who indicated to me that they would come on board. And I think it was appropriate to ask the States for more time to let them think about it. I'm very hopeful that we'll get a third member very soon."

The only contested election was for the States Employment Board.

The Chief Minister nominated The Constable of St Lawrence for that, as well as the Deputy of St Mary.

Added to those nominations were deputy Shona Pitman and Deputy Montfort Tadier. But the Chief Minister's choices won overwhelmingly.

Nevertheless, that and the behind the scenes appointment of Assistant Ministers has already ruffled some feathers amongst the most left wing politicians who are already starting to doubt the inclusivity of Gorst's government.

Deputy Shona Pitman said: "Senator Gorst stood on a platform of unity and inclusive government and there are several members who feel that they have been excluded, if you look at the candidates for ministerial posts like Deputy Mike Higgins, Deputy Pitman, Deputy Southern, Deputy Martin, all from the other side of the political spectrum to Senator Gorst, and none of them were chosen."

Members are still to be elected for the Privileges and Procedures Committee and the Overseas Aid Commission, because the respective Chairmen were away today. That will be added to the agenda on 6 December when the States are set to meet next.


  1. How long have you been in Jersey? Have you not realised that nothing ever changes, i like to hope it will and I am sure you do to but it never changes and most likely never will in either yours or my lifetimes. At least not in government.

    If however you look at normal life then yeah things do change, the workshy get better benefits, the rich continue to get pampered and the middle classes get the shit in both directions. But this has been going on for so long now that its true, nothing ever changes.

    Keep up the good work, keep up the hope but mark my words if ever any changes to the above are close to coming to fruition then independence will come first and then it will be back to nothing ever changes. Apart from Jersey becoming independant that is!!

  2. Governments cannot rule over those who will not be ruled, when you understand this, then there is hope!!!

    Until then, NOTHING CHANGES....

  3. That is a good point but the majority here are not interested. A lesser majority are and vote for the same regardless, and then there is the minority that want change. I put myself in the minority.

    For example your e petition, as far as I know it requires 100,000 signatures before it will be acted upon. there are probably 100,000 people in Jersey give or take. 17,000 wont partake because they believe in Bailache. 5,000 might partake if they have the courage of their convictions, I have just added mine. And then there is the rest of the 50 odd thousand that registered to vote but couldnt be arsed to turn up.

    The only way this petition is going to have to make a difference is if people in the uk help to boost the numbers. I am sure you are helping in that way, if not then its a waste of time. I am hoping that its not a waste of time and that uk people will also sign it. I am sick to death of being ruled by elitist wankers looking after their own and giving paltry income rises to those who wont work so as to keep them on board.

  4. OH, trust me, I have many contacts to large Anti Child Abuse Organisations in the UK, and all over the world :)