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Thursday, 3 November 2011

"Jersey Trample The Common Law - And The Magna Carta - Into The Dirt"


In our series "Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man" we took you through the Paul Le Bourgeois case just recently. Please see the link below. 

This was only a parking ticket, yet the significance of it was rather huge. After attending court, we discovered that Paul's name had been taken off the court roster, and we had won. END OF, you may think? NOPE, not in Jersey.

The Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, was not happy with this and had Paul charged again, and with the same parking ticket!!! He sent another "NOTICE" purporting to be a Court "SUMMONS" to Paul, and for his attendance at the Magistrates court on Monday the 31st of October 2011, "YES" this Monday just gone.

Please see below, their letter and purported summons, and our response.

The Summons


Paul:Le Bourgeois



Parish Hall, St Helier

Connetable A.S. Crowcroft

Chef De Police D. Scaife

Parish Hall....Ref  SF01888259

Dear Sir

Thank you for your letter dated the 21st October 2011, and your purported court summons addressed to “Mr Mr Paul Le Bourgeois” which is in fact, a Notice. Thank you also for the purported charge sheet of which I have never been charged, and that is incomplete.

As I have explained ‘twice’ previously, I have still not received the summons that is alleged to have been sent to me, and I do not consent to your authority over me. As administrator of the legal fiction person MR PAUL LE BOURGEOIS, I have conditionally accepted every offer that your company has made and maintained my full honour in doing so.

On the contrary, yourself and your principals/agents have dishonoured every lawful response I have made which actions leave you deep in dishonour, and with no recourse to the law for adjudication in a competent court of jurisdiction. Furthermore, I attended your court to file papers for a motion to dismiss, said filing having being refused, I was then informed (twice) that the legal fiction person MR PAUL LE BOURGEOIS had been taken off the court hearing register.

Bearing all these facts in mind, I hereby notify you that I have activated my rightfully and properly claimed Fee Schedule. Please find enclosed a bill (in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act 1882) to the value of (GB) £375.00 THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS STERLING for one and a half hours of my time. Furthermore, any future time spent dealing with this matter will incur more charges at either £250 or (adjudication process) £2,500 per hour, or portion thereof.

I still remain open to discussion and negotiation to stay in honour, as I have been throughout this matter, and have at all such times acted lawfully. Your company representative can email me any time before Monday at the following address, whilst being mindful of my Fee Schedule, nunc pro tunc.

Sincerely, and without ill will, vexation or frivolity.

Paul:Le Bourgeois

All Rights Reserved


Sick of Constable Crowcroft's, and the Chef De Police, Danny Scaife's nonsense in this matter, we decided to attend their kangaroo court of thievery.

 When we attended court, we found that it was Bridget Shaw who was presiding over the case. When Paul's name was called, he stood up in the public gallery and said the following;

Remain seated until called

Then stand and
Say; I am here to deal with that matter Ma-am”

Say; I claim the protection of common law and I DO NOT consent to “in personam” jurisdiction in this matter.”


Say;Let the record of this court show, and the people here witness, that no one here has a claim against me.”

Say; Thank you Ma-am and good day”
Then leave the court briskly….

Paul followed these instructions to the letter, he finished what he was saying and left the court. NO court ushers chasing after him, NO police officers waiting to arrest him at the foot of the stairs. In fact, not a peep from anyone other than Bridget Shaw saying she couldn't hear him, which is the mandatory excuse every judge makes when they cannot get jurisdiction over their victim of court fraud.

If this can work for Paul,
then why not for Stuart???

Simple, they were prepared to break any and all laws to hammer Stuart. A threat to the Establishment that needed to be extinguished.

Stuart said in court, the exact same things as Paul had.

Stuart also added the question "Are you operating under your Oath of Office at this time Ma-am?" The 'Alleged' Magistrate, Bridget Shaw, refused to confirm her oath of office. Why would she do that? 
All government agents (especially judges and policemen) swear a Common Law Oath of Office, then never in their careers, repeat that Oath again! If Shaw had said "YES" to Stuarts question she would have had to have acted in a Common Law Jurisdiction, that would have meant Stuart receiving justice.

Stuart also "Claimed the protection of Common Law" and "Did not consent to in-personam jurisdiction" which was his right.
Not consenting to in-personam jurisdiction effectively stops any judge from using statute laws against sentient men and women. Statutes can only be used against the Legal Fiction (your straw man) and only with your consent, not against a man or woman.

Stuart also asked "Does anyone here have a claim against me?" which thereafter, fell a deafening silence on the court. Judge & Prosecutor both knew what this meant.
The court, being a legal fiction, and having been denied in-personam jurisdiction, could not "EVER" have a legal claim on a man or woman. So what does Bridget do? She completely ignores any lawful thing that Stuart says!!! The woman is a criminal.

After his arrest for 'alleged' contempt of court, even though he wasn't even in the court, Stuart asked "Would that be criminal contempt or civil contempt?"
If it is civil contempt, there must be a two party signed contract that is in dispute.
If it is criminal contempt, there must be a victim.
Baker murmured "that point doesn't apply in JERSEY" meaning STATES OF JERSEY INC.
It is however, a perfectly valid point on the island of Jersey, a common law jurisdiction.

Oh, and by the way, thank you to the "Filthy Rag" and "Cover-up TV" for advertising our


  1. I wonder why Mr. Baker felt that point did not apply in Jersey Is god not the highest judge if common law judges all men equual

  2. Ian, Common law or Statutes law were never going to work, in this Court, the Court that convicted him.

  3. I have seen a citizens arrest on a magistrate before. If Bridget Shaw broke the law can she be arrested and if she can will you be arresting her?

  4. Arresting her would be a good way to prove to point the law....

  5. A bit late for arrests now, but yes, she could have been arrested.


    What for? why, impersonating a court official of course. Refusal to give an Oath of Office (OoO) is not good.

    We have a little idea though :)

  6. Common Law is quite big and successful in England. It looks like you and Cyril are on to something Here

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  8. After his arrest for ''alleged''contempt of court Mr. Syvret asked ''would that be criminal contempt or civil contempt?''

    Oh how right was Mr. Baker WITH HIS REPLY IN that court hearing.


  9. That should be the "RISE & RISE" of Stuart Syvret :)

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  11. Bloody disgusting I hope Stuart is OK in prison 6400 of us voted for him. Justice does not exit under the Bailhache brothers god help us if Bailhache gets elected Chief Minister