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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"Jersey Gravy Train Still Rumbling Down The Tracks"

Payout for departing Waterfront executive

Payout for departing Waterfront executive
Stephen Izatt has left his £266,540 per year post

ONE of Jersey’s highest paid public sector employees is to receive an undisclosed payout after quitting his job.

Stephen Izatt has left his £266,540 per year post as the head of the States of Jersey Development Company.
The announcement marks the second high-profile departure of the year. States chief executive Bill Ogley was alleged to have received £500,000 for his departure in February.
Mr Izatt is among the very top earners on the public payroll, not far behind the highest-paid who is believed to be the Bailiff, Michael Birt, on a package of between £290,000 and £310,999.


  1. Absolutely scandalous, this Government treat the Public like S**T.
    The Waterfront is the ugliest you could ever see, what exactly did this clown do to earn that obscene wage, no-one seems to know, and when was anyone ever entitled to anything when they "leave" their position.
    How can these "A*******S" give that sort of wage, followed by a massive "pay off" to an imposter and they say there is no money to keep a young child alive.
    No one in their right mind could ever in their wildest dreams even mention the word "respect" in relation to this Government!

  2. Corruption of public funds again on a par with Berlusconi..this guy was outed from a similar job in Edinburgh...he squandered 50k on two parties and installed a gym in his office which he never used looking at him for anothEr 10k...this is our money I WOULD SEE HIM IN COURT BEFORE ANY PAYMENT

  3. disgusting when money is urgently needed to keep young children alive, how many more of these embosiles will come out of the clossett