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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

"Jersey Childcare - A Rip Off"

Registered childcare too expensive, say parents

CHILDCARE is so expensive that parents are being forced to use unregistered childminders, according to Islanders who took part in a survey.

Parents also say that they have had to give up work because they cannot afford to pay for childminders and that childcare benefits are too rigid. Unregistered childminders may be cheaper, but they have not been officially inspected or police checked.
Over 1,000 Islanders were interviewed for the survey, which was commissioned by the Children’s Policy Group headed up by Health Minister Pryke, Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand and Education Minister James Reed.
The public were asked over the past 18 months if they thought Jersey was a good place to grow up in.
Most thought it was, but they also said that more needed to be done to ensure that all young people reached their full potential and led happy, healthy lives.


  1. don't know about lost in space ann pryke is a space cadet she's usless won't help any one with matters concerning the jersey health department,she's just happy to make an apperance and her her huge pay cheque at the end of the month! a total waste of tax payers money she is!

  2. I have friends who pay £i,200 a month for their children in a baby- care nursery every week, and that does not include the food for one of the kids.
    One of their wagess is almost wiped out!
    This is a greedy, greedy place to live