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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"Has Ozo The Bozo Done It Again?"

 Ozouf Could Be In A Ton Of Trouble - AGAIN?

Jersey's Treasury Minister has come under fire for ordering a £100 note without States approval - a move which could cost the taxpayer £50,000 if the States veto the print.

Senator Philip Ozouf ordered the money during the summer break, but new cash can only be ordered with a majority States vote.

The £100 note is aimed at celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and would be ready for circulation by the end of May 2012.

Senator Ozouf said printing takes six months and had he failed to take the initiative earlier, Jersey would have missed the Jubilee celebrations.

The House could choose not to approve the print this afternoon.

The note is due to feature the holographic portrait of the Queen which was commissioned by Jersey Heritage Trust on behalf of the States of Jersey. The portrait is called Equanimity and is by artist Chris Levine.

In order to issue a new £100 note, Senator Ozouf needs to ask the States to amend the existing 1959 law which limits the maximum denomination of any currency note to £50.

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  1. Most of us would at best, have a photo of a £100note on the mantlepiece, certainly could not buy one, that man is a bigger treat to Jersey than the Germans ever were!