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Monday, 28 November 2011

"Evidenced Criminal Get's Appointed Deputy Chief Minister Of Corrupt Jersey!!!"

"Clown Prince Get's Anointed!"

New Deputy Chief Minister Ian Le Marquand
The man who believes 65 childrens teeth, some with roots still attached,
all fell through the same gap in the floorboards?

This really is taking the PISS!!!

SENATOR Ian Le Marquand has been appointed Jersey’s Deputy Chief Minister.

The Home Affairs Minister, who pulled out of the Chief Minister race at the last minute, will effectively become second in charge of the Island’s government and will lead it when Chief Minister Ian Gorst is absent.

The Chief Minister has also approved the appointment of 14 assistant ministers to serve in various departments.

The full line up of ministers and their assistants is as follows:
Chief Minister Ian Gorst with Senators Paul Routier and Sir Philip Bailhache as assistants

Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean with Deputy Carolyn Labey and James Baker as assistants

Education Minister Patrick Ryan with Deputies Rod Bryans and Roy Le Hérissier as assistants

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand with Senator Lyndon Farnham as assistant

Housing Minister Andrew Green with St Peter Constable John Refault as assistant

Environment Minister Rob Duhamel with Deputy Carolyn Labey as assistant

Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley with Deputy Susie Pinel as assistant

Transport Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis with Deputy John Le Fondré as assistant

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf with Deputy Eddie Noel as assistant

If you want "REAL CHANGE" please sign
the petition below
Please do not use a JERSEYMAIL ACCOUNT to email with as it will be discounted. AND REMEMBER to click on the return link sent to you by the UK government or your vote will NOT COUNT!


  1. Bet he got the job coz he one of the most corrupt and can be relied on

  2. Ian you don't pay your taxes, I seriously don't believe that you should be contributing verbaly on our local BLOGS until you contribute to our society
    I pay for YOU and will probably PAY for you in your CARE HOME.

  3. YOU don't PAY anything for ME Knobby!!!

    I don't take anything from this pisspot government apart from a bit of food after they have rewritten statements or doctored my trial tapes before they throw me in jail for exposing their corrupt police and judiciary members.

    OUR LOCAL BLOGS? What blog do you have? Or are you "damp mattress boy?"

    This is my blog and I do as I please with it.

    And if this is what YOU call a society, you are more deranged than I give you credit for. Goodnight you miserable speck of insignificance....

  4. So, the prat above thinks you shouldn't have free speech if you don't pay. Why are these right wing Daily Mail readers so irredeemably
    Free speech is exactly what it says;a universal right for the citizen, irrespective of the wealth or position.
    What a prat!

  5. Thanks Anon

    Unfortunately, comment 2 is one of the perils of blogging, inside out, upside down, back to front, and the wrong way around.

    If it's brains were watermelons, it wouldn't have enough seeds to fill a thimble!!!

  6. Putting aside all other issues, how can it be right that although Le Marquand decided the Chief Minister's job was not for him, to the point of removing himself completely from the race, that he should now be gifted second prize?

    "Anonymous said...

    Ian you don't pay your taxes, I seriously don't believe that you should be contributing verbaly on our local BLOGS until you contribute to our society"

    His tax situation has nothing to do with what he choses do online. Not until the States of Jersey own the Internet.

    Grow up.

  7. Whatever happened to the condemning evidence that Deputy Carolyn Labey had regarding corruption in the Planning Dept.
    She made a big noise about it at the time, we have not heard a cheep for a long time now.
    Did she accept the 30 pieces of silver,or is that just too mean to insinuate that possibility?

  8. Only 48 people have signed the petition.. 100,000 are needed, so that's not going to work is it ??..

  9. NO, I don't think it is going to work, but it's on the public record and at least we are doing something.

    Everything we do, every complaint we make is on the public record, the files are getting rather voluminous and will soon be too big to ignore.

    If you keep chipping away at the mountain, you will eventually find the diamond.

  10. I really think the poster that is condemning Carolyne Labey should back off.
    This woman hasn't had an easy ride , she has stood up for what is right and no matter what her personal differences with Stuart are or was , she is not the enemy.

  11. "she has stood up for what is right."

    We shall see....

  12. "Only 48 people have signed the petition.. 100,000 are needed, so that's not going to work is it ??.. "

    Welcome to the fear that pervades society here.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  13. I am the poster that asked about Deputy Carolyn Labey`s action regarding her problem with the Planning Dept.
    Absolutely "F**K ALL" to do with Stuart Syvret, and no, I will never back off as long as the evil , corrupt regime exists in this "F*****G" greedy Island.
    I will continue to ask questions, and hope that someone will give me an honest answer.
    Deputy Labey started this, not me, what are her intentions now, we want an update.

  14. Have you seen the article page 3 of JEP Ben Queree?

    What caught my eye was the quote ''The request, made under freedom of information legislation, has been sent to the Chief Minister's Department''

    I was not aware we had a freedom of information act in Jersey.

  15.'re expressing your views and have every right to...anyone disagreeing with that is pure evidence of exactly what is wrong in this sick society..whose GOD IS MONEY AND WHOSE LUST IS CHILDREN...POWER AND CONTROL...FOR DEEP INSIDE THE WORMS OF FEAR CONSUME THEM...........

  16. "Freedom of Information"

    We kind of have one but you have to pay, and pay handsomely, and even then they reserve the right not to give you information that is damning to themselves.

    Corrupt shower of crap....

  17. I thought they had agreed a freedom of information act in principle.

    Deputy Roy Le Hérissier is asking the States to commit to implementing the law by 2015 – but the council of ministers, which says it is committed to transparency and open government, will fight the four-year timescale and avoid any commitment to setting a date.

    What would todays JEP article be claiming they are applying for?

  18. Ian, how can anyone in a position of authority allow this to happen, this is the most aweful story you have posted to date, and there have been some bad ones.

  19. Unbelievable, just unbelievable.