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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"Criminals & Incompetents In The Cabinet!!!"

"Clueless Replaces Criminal
Said Criminal Replaces Halfwit"

Incredible Jersey: Ian Gorst should talk to Jersey Bloggers before he picks his politicians in future.

GADZOOKS!!! A nest of scheming liars, crooks and halfwits to run Jersey for the foreseeable future, not much change on the horizon then!

 Isn't it strange that every time I lodge a criminal complaint against Ian Le Marquand, he gets shipped off to a completely different job!!!

1. Criminal Complaint = Doctoring Trial Tapes
1a. Removed From Judicial Greffe = Made A Magistrate

2. Criminal Complaint = Conspiracy To Pervert The Course Of Justice
2a. Removed As Magistrate = Becomes Home Affairs Minister

3. Criminal Complaint = Perverting The Course Of Justice
3a. Moving From Home Affairs = Becoming Treasury Minister

 4. Criminal Complaint = Perverting The Course Of Justice
4.a Will let you know shortly, but hope its prison :)

Jersey's next Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, has released his nominations for his Council of Ministers.

His nine nominations include Senator Ian Le Marquand as Treasury Minister - meaning that Senator Philip Ozouf would be out of Ministerial Office.

Sir Philip Bailhache has been given one of two Assistant Chief Minister posts - which do not need to be voted on - with responsibility for foreign affairs, while Paul Routier will stay in the other.

These two positions do not need to be voted for by the States, while the rest of the Council of Ministers will go to a vote tomorrow.

He wants Alan Maclean to stay on in Economic Development and Anne Pryke in Health, and to bring in newly-elected Senators Lyndon Farnham to Home Affairs and Francis Le Gresley in his old job as Social Security Minister.

Chief Minister designate Senator Gorst has said that he wants to offer Sir Philip Bailhache - who he went up against for the Chief Minister job - a Ministerial role. Although not in his Council of Ministers proposed line-up, it is believed he will offer Sir Philip the position of one of his two Assistant Chief Ministers.

The nine politicians Senator Gorst wants are listed in the table above - including four who would stay in their roles - but States Members can still put themselves forward for positions as long as they have two backers when they vote tomorrow.

Gorst's Gang: The chosen and the challengers

TREASURY Nominee: Senator Ian Le Marquand
Challenger: Senator Philip Ozouf, Deputy John Le Fondre, and Senator Allan Breckon

SOCIAL SECURITY Nominee: Senator Francis Le Gresley
Challenger: Deputy Geoff Southern

HOUSING Nominee: Deputy Andrew Green
Challenger: Deputy Montfort Tadier

Nominee: Deputy Patrick Ryan
Challenger: Deputy James Reed

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Nominee: Senator Alan Maclean
Challenger: Deputy Mike Higgins

HOME AFFAIRS Nominee: Senator Lyndon Farnham

PLANNING Nominee: Deputy Rob Duhamel

HEALTH Nominee: Deputy Anne Pryke
Challenger: Senator Sarah Ferguson

Challenger: Deputy Kevin Lewis

How will the Council be chosen?

It is only after his Council of Ministers is voted in, that Senator Gorst will officially become Chief Minister and take over from the outgoing Terry Le Sueur.

Senator Gorst will be invited by the Presiding Officer to make each of his nominations in turn. Following each nomination the Presiding Officer will then invite States Members to nominate alternative candidates for appointment to the Ministerial Office concerned. If there are no alternative nominations the Member nominated by the Chief Minister designate will be selected for appointment.

If more than one Member is nominated, the Presiding Officer will invite each candidate to speak for up to 10 minutes, followed by a 20 minute question period.

After the candidates have spoken and been questioned, a secret ballot or ballots will be held and once a candidate has obtained a majority of votes, he or she will be appointed to the relevant Ministerial Office.


  1. What do you make of This?

  2. Senator Ozouf has retained his job as Treasury Minister, will they ever learn?
    Same old, same old, nothing will ever change, you could not make this up!


  4. What do I make of this?

    I think its a propaganda website run by lawyers for the government :)

    Anyone making anything else out of it, needs their head feeling!