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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"Common Law 'Police Crime' To Go Unpunished!!!"

Farmer calls for charges against police for raid
Don't you just marvel at the Police Corruption in Jersey.
A common law crime has been committed in Jersey by policemen and preventative measures are manoeuvred into place to stop any of the officers gaining a conviction!
They will be dealt with internally!!!
There are basically only three common law crimes
Injury to a human being,
Damage to their property,
Committing fraud/theft
 Why are the police not being prosecuted in a de jure court
for the common law crime they have committed???
This is what happens when you have the Attorney General
in charge of ALL prosecutions in Jersey.

Where Is The Justice???
A Jersey farmer whose field was damaged in a botched police raid is calling for criminal charges to be brought against officers.

Richard Manning, from St Ouen, says his polytunnels were ripped open, hay bales were torn apart, and the contents of his van were turned upside down.

He says the plain-clothed officers damaged his tractor, and they used his rotavator to dig up soil, destroying onion and potato crops in the process.

Richard Manning said: "I was really angry and upset to be honest, because it was a new polytunnel where I had just started growing stuff and they destroyed everything that was in it. I describe it as a load of young hooligans that got in there, by the looks of it."

Last March, Jersey Police had a warrant to search the area under the Misuse of Drugs Act, but they accidentally targeted the wrong field. At the time, police admitted that they made an error.

Richard Manning made an official complaint, stating the officers had caused unnecessary damage to his property.

Now he has been told by the police that those officers are being investigated for misconduct. But the farmer is not content with an internal investigation; he wants criminal charges to be brought against the officers.

Richard Manning said: "I was told they had finished the investigation and five officers were being charged with the damage. But it's going to be an internal affair where the police chief will be sitting in judgment on them, which I don't agree with. This case should be heard by the Magistrates Court. It was criminal damage and therefore criminal damage should be dealt with in a court."

Jersey Police have declined to comment, but they did confirm an internal investigation is ongoing, and this will not include criminal charges.

But almost eight months after the incident, and Mr Manning still has not received an apology.


  1. disgusting...has he received recompence for his loss?

  2. For as long as I can remember, the SOJP have been after Richard Manning and have treated him like "S**T, they have always refused him permission to do anyting in St. John, it is no surprise that they trashed his property.