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Saturday, 26 November 2011

"Change - For Better or Worse - And For Who?"

Gorst orders changes in government

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Changes in the way government works in Jersey have been ordered by Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

Senator Gorst wants to get more States members involved in decision making and has set that as a medium-term goal. He is to have talks with the Privileges and Procedures Committee to get the ball rolling.

In the short-term, though, Senator Gorst wants to create work parties to tackle specific projects. He sees these committees made up from a cross-section of States members, not just ministers and their assistants.

Senator Gorst has already asked ministers to see if they have any work streams that could be tackled by working parties.

Meanwhile Jersey's new government is now almost completely formed with the appointment of 14 assistant ministers and Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand is the new Deputy Chief Minister.

Senators Sir Philip Bailhache and Paul Routier are assistants to Chief Minister Gorst; Deputies James Baker and Carolyn Labey are assistant ministers at Economic Development led by Senator Alan Maclean; at Education, Sport and Culture Deputy Pat Ryan has appointed Deputies Rod Bryans and Roy Le Hérissier; at Health and Social Services Deputy Anne Pryke has picked Constable John Refault and Deputy Judy Martin to work alongside her; At Home Affairs Senator Le Marquand's assistant is Senator Lyndon Farnham; at Housing Deputy Andrew Green has appointed Constable John Refault; at Planning and Environment Deputy Rob Duhamel will be assistaed by Deputy Carolyn Labey; Social Security Minister Senator Francis Le Gresley will be assisted by Deputy Susie Pinel; at Transport and Technical Services Deputy Kevin Lewis has appointed Deputy John Le Fondré and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has chosen Deputy Eddie Noel.

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  1. There will never be any remote change in Government until Phiip Ozouf is gone, for good.