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Saturday, 26 November 2011

"Another J.E.P Investigation - The Results Are Worthless"

Selling your gold?

Beware! say the J.E.P

This "alleged" investigative reporting refuses to hand over the names of the people or companies trying to rob us???

Another pointless exercise from our pathetic local "news-less-paper"!!!


JEP reporter Andy Sibcy seeking valuations for jewellery and a silver plate
JEP reporter Andy Sibcy seeking valuations for jewellery and a silver plate
and who will be feeling quite inadequate after reading this posting.

ISLANDERS trying to cash in on their unwanted gold and silver are at risk of being left seriously out of pocket, an undercover JEP investigation reveals today.

The paper’s consumer team asked three dealers to value a number of gold and silver items which independent experts said were worth between £5,400 and £6,500.

All the gold items were valued by the experts at their scrap value, but a silver salver made by one of the finest English silversmiths of the 19th century was given its retail value as a very collectible antique.

The results of the investigation were surprising, if not shocking. One of the dealers, aware that the salver was by a very good maker, offered £700 for the lot. Others simply did not know what the items were.

While no one we approached broke the law, the experience shows more clearly than ever why you should always shop around and remember the old maxim, buyer beware.
Trevor Le Roux, the director of Trading Standards, said: ‘Never ever accept the first offer and make sure that you get at least a second, third or even fourth opinion.’

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  1. Anonymous said...

    dont we no it ,my took some jewellery worth well over £4000 to various jewellers and they all said they were worth in the region of £200 scrap value ...yeah right ..mick

  2. Ian.

    Doesn't this just smack of desperation.

    " an undercover JEP investigation reveals today."

    Trying to pretend that they are "investigative" when they have been getting blown clean out the water, time and time again by Bloggers.


  3. "The paper’s consumer team asked three dealers to value a number of gold and silver items which independent experts said were worth between £5,400 and £6,500."

    Just three?

  4. If thats investigative journalism Jersey Evening Post style its no wonder they're struggling.


  5. How can it be called "investigative journalism", when they do not name names!!

    Anyone can concoct such a story, no names, therefore not open to correction or in deed verification. Lets face it, if these so called investigative journalists cannot even print accurate facts from court cases why should I believe anything they report!!!

  6. By taking the piss out of this JEP article you have completely missed the point which is the the social issues concerning this piece. Why are islanders in such dire need that they are having to sell there valuables in the first place, don't you think that it would have been more informative for your reader . But all you do is snipe.
    You have your own agenda and you really can't see outside of the box.

  7. Ermm Ian and commenters - the JEP did actually name them in the in-depth feature inside the paper.

    People need to remember that the scrap value of gold etc is worth far less than the value at auction of any piece. A crushed car is worth far less as steel scrap than it is as a working vehicle.

  8. How many islanders are having to sell their valuables?

  9. AND as for sniping, this is a Propaganda Blog, not a bloody suck your arse site.

    Get a brain will you!

  10. Hi Ian,

    I am one of the people who reviewed the items... as it says in the paper I am not nor do I claim to be an antiques dealer.

    I buy and sell gold and silver - whatever shape it is in I buy at the cost of the metal. I have never said anything different.

    I can tell you that between myself and my brother over five tons (5,000 kilos) of 9ct (37.5%) gold has been scrapped in the past three years from Jersey. It is because the government is stealing too much of our money in tax.

    As a lover of admiralty law you should be asking why people are exchanging their real money (silver and gold) for the government's fraudulent paper promises which are being devalued all the time by inflation.

    As a rule if you are buying gold as an investment buy bullion... if you are buying jewellery it is like buying clothes, but unlike buying clothes it is still worth something (and often far more) a few years later.

    Get yourself over to - you my friend are a libertarian through and through.

  11. Indeed, gold and silver are the only currency worth anything, not the Governments promisory notes....

  12. My nine ct bracelet cost £300.00 from C.T.Maine years ago.I took it into a jewellers in Queen St a few momths ago.He offered me £125.00.He said that it would have to be cleaned before being scrapped.On looking at other bracelets they wre selling for £600.00.Beware!

  13. When I read the rag article it just looked like an excuse to try to smear Mr Pearce. It was DP, one possibly dodgy travelling dealer, and no-one else!

  14. Think of it this way...

    When does a carpenter build a bookcase and charge you only the cost of the wood?

    When does an Advocate charge you only the cost of the paper to bring an action to Court?

    Why do you assume that a goldsmith will charge you only the cost of the gold?

    Now that said if the gold is not beyond repair then perhaps you would be better off selling it privately, or through a service such as the one we offer to sell things for people on eBay.

    You did the correct thing and worked out what the retail price of the bracelet was... half that and that is what the wholesale price is likely to have been. Then armed with this knowledge, haggle with the jeweller... if it is a small independent such as mine I would never offer than a 10% discount to anyone who asked - except on branded items or the cheapest of items (under £50). But you really need to see the owner.

  15. Also before selling - check the gold and silver market prices for yourself...

  16. gold will be worthless soon along with money. better we all get stocked up with food and water.
    you can not eat gold or drink money .this is melt down we are all going to have to change our thinking .so pleased i don't have a mortgage. then what are all the big fat greedy ones going to do ,best they stay away from my water hole because there only two laws ,kill or be killed .

  17. Have to agree most with that last comment, it won't be long now before the banking system collapses, their secret is out.

    "When the poor have no food, the only thing left to eat is the rich."

  18. this is about as good as the investigation that the jep did comparing 3 items they found online more expensive then in shops in jersey!wow that must of taken some 1 all of 5 minutes to research what a bloody joke.its soon gonna be a case of last 1 out of the shops turn the lights off