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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"Another Disgusting Piece Of Paedophile Shit In Jersey"

Lee Albert De Moulpied

Jailed Over Child Sex Abuse


A man from Jersey has been sentenced to seven years in prison for indecently assaulting a child and possessing more than 600 indecent images of children. 

Lee Albert De Moulpied abused the child for five years, the Royal Court heard.
Twenty-two images found on his computer were in the most serious category. The judge described the 35 year old's crimes as "unnecessary and cruel".

 "unnecessary and cruel"....IS THAT IT???

He was sentenced to five years in prison for indecent assault and two for possessing indecent images of children.

De Moulpied was convicted of possessing indecent images, procuring acts of gross indecency and indecent assault.

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  1. "unnecessary"?!!! Is that really the best adjective he could come up with?! Not really bothered, is he?


  2. what a doddle for a disgusting man, chop his balls off

  3. And apparently he was a former nurse! Fancy that!

  4. i no him personally and aint proud of that , he was the one in troy court about 5 years ago with the gun and keeping the police at bay all day......i no the lad he abused but wont say as he went through enough with what this sick fucker did to him ......he should have got way more of a sentence for what he did ....mick

  5. Apparently, now that the media have reported properly at last, it was his decision to plead NOT GUILTY that was unnecessary and cruel. That's fair enough.

  6. (The judge described the 35 year old's crimes as "unnecessary and cruel".)

    Reads plain and simple enough to me? They talk about the crimes, and not the decision to plead not guilty.

    Who is to say this excerpt above was not originally said, and they have altered it because it looks bad?????????????

    We live in Jersey....REMEMBER!!!

  7. Fair point, do they publish court case transcripts at all?

  8. They would probably put these transcripts in (unreported judgements) so you would need to give them your email and password to access them :)

    Like thats ever gonna happen.

  9. Are you sure about the use of words that appear whenever a paedophile is featured on this blog?
    Tom Gruchy asks

  10. on a totally different matter, a couple of those kenyan lads who were witnesses at the tragic victoria crescent tragedies in august, have been in trial in the royal court last week. just curious how they managed to niche themselves cosily in this island, so much for vetting individuals.

  11. He got out in November 2015, just over 3 years served then....DISGUSTING !!!

  12. His out of prison saw him today in town