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Saturday, 19 November 2011

"£19m Not A Subsidy - What Is It Then? - A Gift?"

£19m gigabit package ‘is not a States subsidy for JT’

£19m gigabit package ‘is not a States subsidy for JT’
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf
THE re-election of Senator Philip Ozouf to the post of Treasury Minister will probably ensure that JT will get £19 million worth of publicly backed financial support for its Gigabit Jersey project.

Before his previous term of office ended last week, Senator Ozouf prepared documents outlining a proposal to help bring the £40 million-plus project to fruition.
However, the Senator denies that the £19 million package is a government subsidy of the activities of a commercial company.

JT wants to install fibre connections into every home and business around the Island to provide access to superfast broadband. Senator Ozouf has previously stated that he believes Gigabit Jersey will help to provide a new strand to the economy and will assist in the Island’s ability to become a world-class centre for information technology businesses.


  1. How would every households having this speed earn money for Jersey...? total Bollocks....the speed here is good enough for most household cogent explanantion of how per usual in dictatorial town. we need to get tough resisting these people..who blatantly ignore Democracy.

  2. well if this aint a hand out i really don't know what is !and are they going to let the other broadband internet suppliers(sure,and newtell)access to this new fibre network??i really dont't think they will. seems strange that this hand out has been given to the islands own telecoms company and sure and newtel will be left out in the cold.the cost of this broadband service is no dought going to be sky high,as you will have no choice but to go to jt for that service.this ploy works out ok for them really get a 9 million hand out and charge a fortune for it they will soon get there money back.GREEDY JERSEY PIGS !