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Monday, 3 October 2011

"Will Sir Philip Bailhache Name The Dysfunctional?"

So, exactly who are these dysfunctional politicians?

From Brendan McDonald.
Dysfunctional, out of control, unhappy and ineffective was how the ex-Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache described the present crop of States Members during the election meetings.
A sweeping statement if there ever was one indicating all 53 members.

I can remember the same ex-Bailiff rebuking many a State’s Member for making sweeping statements and not sticking to the matter in hand.

Maybe he was referring to the string of fiasco's that have cost the taxpayers millions of pounds. The Reg’s Skips fiasco, the rate of exchange fiasco over the incinerator cost and the Treasury Minister’s dithering over the building that was to be the police headquarters.

Sir Philip Bailhache said he cannot stand by and watch the present government deteriorate any lower and wants to use his ‘magic’ powers to create good government if there is such a thing.

Senator Ozouf on the other hand was telling all and sundry that we are in a strong position and better off than most jurisdictions in Europe.
That can’t be too difficult considering the state of some of the EU Membership.

And Freddie Cohen said he was in Westminster recently raising Jersey’s profile, it may have been a different story if the MPs in Westminster had heard what Sir Philip Bailhache was saying about our States Members.

If the ex-Bailiff were to give us the names of those he considers dysfunctional we would know where to put the X on the ballot paper.


  1. How can he work with people he has such little regard for? Obviously he doesn't deserve a vote.

    "Out of control" politicians? What, he wants to control them as well?

  2. Jersey : On the road to oblivion

    People taxed to the hilt, rather than the companies - with poor affected more than the wealthy. A society based upon consumption and pointless goods, where we will increasingly be so stretched by pay freezes, unemployment, price rises and taxation, that we will no longer have any spare money to buy more of that rubbish.

    As our entire incomes go towards the very basics, struggling to break even, businesses will collapse, unemployment will rocket, payments of Income Support will exceed tax revenue, and the whole system will come crumbling down.

    The apocalypse we deserve! ;)

  3. Talk about calling a kettle black, who on earth does Philip Bailhache think he is, a demi god! he was Bailiff, then a Judge now he wants to be a politician not a deputy no, a Senator. He wants the top job Chief Minister, mark my words! How dare he speak on Liberation day about child abuse, what does he know?

    Everyone must vote, we must vote for the Government we deserve.