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Saturday, 15 October 2011

"A Wheely Close Shave!"

Crash car’s wheel flies towards pram

Crash car’s wheel flies towards pram
A MOTHER feared for her family’s lives when the wheel of an out-of-control car spun towards her baby in a pram, a court has heard.

As the woman was taking a stroll with her husband and two children down St Saviour’s Hill, they saw Ricardo Gomes Drumond’s car crash into the wall around Government House, flip on to its roof and start sliding towards them.
It travelled around 60 metres on its roof and one of its wheels flew off and narrowly missed the family.
Centenier Louise Noel told the Magistrate’s Court this week that the woman was so traumatised after witnessing the accident in April that she would ‘never walk up St Saviour’s Hill again’.

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