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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"Swiss Army Knife Will Get You Jailed In Jersey!!!""

Jail for people carrying well as for drinking wine at home!!!

Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw
Magistrate Bridget Shaw

ANYONE caught carrying a knife in public can expect to go to prison, a judge warned yesterday when she jailed a man for concealing a 20 cm knife in his trousers.

John Luis Gouveia, who initially denied to police that he had a kitchen knife with him in town last August, was jailed for five months by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
Although the defendant did not threaten anyone with it or try to use it, he had the knife in a ‘very dangerous situation’, Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw said.
‘Those who carry knives must expect to go to prison,’ she said. ‘I have considered the alternative in this case but because of the circumstances I feel I have no option but to send you to prison today.’

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