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Friday, 28 October 2011

"States Of Jersey Not Trusted By Abuse Victims"

Cover Up Jersey, Distrusted & Corrupt

SO, some of the victims are trying to take matters out of the Oligarchies hands?
And rightly so, the Jersey System is beyond redemption and repair.

From the beginning, child abuse has been covered up, and with every effort being made to keep it that way. Then along come Syvret, Power & Harper and KER BOOM!!! the flood gates where blown open after many long decades.

Even now, our vile regime are calling the abused
'alleged victims'
and trying to undermine them at every opportunity.
And what of the impending disaster to be known as the
What cover-ups, tricks, cons and stunts are going to be pulled in the attempted cover up of that little charade?

Please visit the link below to get some understanding of
just what they all went through!!!

Please left click on the pic below to read it


  1. I have just re read that whole post you put a link to regarding the O'Connells and Kistch.

    The next time some fool at work gives it the bigun' about Stuart I will forward that on to them as the news article says all the arguments I try to say but usually get shouted down because they believe it is just hearsay. Well that is a good article from someone who is not a blogger so cant be shot down as such.

    With regards that Astrid woman, I get the impression that she is annoyed that child abuse victims may get compensation whereas for what she suffered in war she will not be able to get. It's difficult to put this across in writing without sounding patronising from one side or the other but it looks to me that she is jelous that child abuse victims in state homes should receive compensation but she will not. I dont think its a case of these things happened to me in the war so why should it be such a big problem for others, the sh$t happens attitude, I honestly think her big gripe is that people may be compensated and she wont.

    The reason I say that is because if she was a victim of rape and abuse during the war she should have a whole lot of empathy for the victims of child abuse whether in war or not yet her problem lies in the victims receiving compensation.

    I honestly thikn she just has the hump because she is not receiving compensation. I dont mean to be harsh or a horrible person for saying this I just dont think her letters are based upon what happened and are more based upon what she wont get money wise.

    I believe personally that she is an unsympathetic piece of human garbage and if she cant get a pound of taxpayers money then why should anyone else.

    Hope I got my point across properly, its not easy putting thoughts to words onto a comment section!

  2. Actually Anon

    That was one of the most refreshing comments in quite a while.

    Honesty is always welcomed here :)

  3. Thanks, appreciate the response.

  4. Actually, Anon, Astrid Kisch does not say she personally suffered from rape and abuse during the war but (I forget her exact phrasing) was exposed to it or similar i.e. she knew it was going on or she saw it happen to others but (almost certainly) did not suffer it herself. Her wording in her letter was very carefully constructed.

  5. jons leather butt beaterOctober 30, 2011 8:00 pm

    To Damocles

    Ok, I got the impression she was subjected to rape / abuse herself so apologise if I got that wrong.

    Where I have a problem with what she says is along the lines of it happened in war and no one asks for compensation. What she has omitted to ackonowledge is that in times of none war that war should be forgotten and normal life shoud resume. Children in states homes should be cared for.

    Thats not a go at you Damocles by the way.

    I simply see her ranting as being a hard assed cow. She may have been exposed to abuse or whatever but instead of going against it she gives it the "well, it could have been worse" approach whilst forgetting the war was over 60 years ago. In fact maybe if she had not just been exposed to it and actually suffered it then maybe her stance would be different.

    Thats where the differnece lies, in war she was exposed to it, in no war children were made to suffer it and she likely wasnt exposed to it anymore.

    Its not a dig at you Damocles its a dig at the Kisch woman, i hope you dont take the moan personal.

  6. Can my Mum and Dad have compensation for 5 years of occupation???? by the bloody Germans !!! the letters from Astride {was she a member of the Nazi party} are disgusting comments quite sick in my humble option