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Monday, 17 October 2011

"States Of Jersey Don't Give A Damn"

Jersey's Roseneath Centre for homeless to close

Roseneath Centre  
The Roseneath Centre is closing and its 15 staff are being made redundant.

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A centre for homeless and vulnerable people is to close and 15 people are losing their jobs.
The staff and residents of the Roseneath Centre in St Helier were told about the decision on Monday.
The centre can house up to 30 homeless or vulnerable adults who have family problems or addictions to alcohol or drugs.
Most of its funding comes from the States which says there is not enough money to keep it open.
Manager Janet Du Val told the BBC the residents were very upset when they were told.
Deputy Roy Le Herissier said: "Many factors have come together to force our closure, in particular the lack of funding."
He added: "The final closing date is yet to be confirmed but we are hoping to have several months' grace to relocate our residents properly and to ensure that our staff who are being made redundant have some time to seek employment elsewhere."


  1. not enough money to keep it open! then where is the millions being raised by goods and sales tax going ?? as it does not seem to be being spent on the good people of jersey!this is a very dismal show of how the states of jersey care for people,just 1 more nail in the coffin for the people who have no where else to go,yet another shamefull show of the greedy pigs that run this island.

  2. Plenty of money to give overpaid Civil Servants a "Golden Handshake" even long after they have left or retired!

  3. Senator Ozouf has now said "closing Roseneath is not an option"
    When did that s*******E ever care about the poor people in Roseneath, perhaps he is trying to repair his rather tarnished reputation and come across as human, too late mate!