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Saturday, 1 October 2011

"Safe Jersey - The 'Big Society' In Action"

"Scum Smashed Mother's Feet With A Hammer"

This is not a picture of the victim
A MAN allegedly smashed the fragile feet of his elderly mother with a hammer.
David Nimmo appeared in court this week charged with a grave and criminal assault on his 72-year-old mother at the St Helier home they shared.
He appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday following the alleged assault at their West Hill property on Wednesday.
During the hearing, it was claimed that he allegedly punched his parent repeatedly in the head, before pinning her down and subjecting her to the violent hammer attack.
Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw said that the case was too serious to be dealt with by the Magistrate’s Court because of the victim’s age and the alleged use of a weapon.


  1. Big Society? Bigger Joke!

  2. ian if them are your feet in the pic then i seriously think you should see a doctor ,ha

  3. I am pleased to confirm that I am not the owner of those plates'o'meat.

  4. The actions of individuals are hardly the actions of 'society' collectively, so what's your point? No matter how great we all get along, there will always be psychos and barstewards out there!