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Monday, 10 October 2011

"Radisson Romp Was A Bargain But We Won't Disclose The Cost"

Radisson stay for civil servants ‘well worth the expense’

Radisson stay for civil servants ‘well worth the expense’
JERSEY’S top civil servant has defended last week’s overnight stay at the Radisson for himself and 20 colleagues, saying that the value of the emergency planning event was ‘phenomenal’.

Acting States chief executive John Richardson was one of 21 senior public sector employees who spent the night at the four-star hotel as part of an emergency planning conference. The cost of the event has not been revealed.
Mr Richardson said that work had stopped at around 11.45 pm on Thursday and resumed at about 7 am on Friday. He added that three of the 24 delegates had not stayed overnight.
He said the event had been both worthwhile and good value for money. He said: ‘The benefit that this group has had and the quality of the speakers have been phenomenal.’

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