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Thursday, 27 October 2011

"Putting The People Last - That's Our Incompetent Government"

Two more days to go …

Work continues on the park before Saturday’s official opening
Work continues on the park before Saturday’s official opening

A NEARLY finished multi-million-pound Millennium Town Park is due to open on Saturday morning.
The official opening of the long-awaited park will begin at 10 am with the unveiling of some of the area’s key features. But Transport and Technical Services admit that there will still be some work left to do to complete the project.
On Saturday visitors will be able to see the switching on of the park’s water curtain, two specially commissioned pieces of art and the children’s play area, as well as being able to view the park’s sports court.
First called for by the public after a petition was gathered by the Millennium Town Park Group in 1997, the project has been a lengthy and complicated process. But with the end in sight, TTS are keen to see as many Islanders as possible at the opening.

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  1. more commissioned pieces of art ???? would the town park not have been a good place to put that sculpure that was from the airport and has now been dumped in a field on the north coast some where !typical jersey w*****s wasting more money and in an another article tonight in the jersey rag it says jersey has a struggling economy !!!!! hahahahaha