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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Pip Squeaks?"

Lime Grove 'right' to go to Auditor General

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Lime Grove House

The Jersey Scrutiny Panel looking into the failure to purchase a new Police Station says it is right to refer the matter to the Controller and Auditor General.

The Scrutiny Review on Lime Grove House flagged up questions on the conduct of States business and the way the Treasury Minister dealt with employees.

Senator Sarah Ferguson says Scrutiny are not just passing the buck.

Senator Ferguson said: "Scrutiny was starting to be placed in the role of adjudicator between two departments... and this was not the purpose for which Scrutiny was established.

"We have been left with questions as to the conduct of States business, the management and treatment of employees and the conduct of the Treasury Minister and his team. We have also not seen any documentary evidence to justify the rationale of the lower offer of £8.25M for the preoperty"

"The balance of evidence appears to support the position of Jersey Property Holdings. That is why we are referring this to the Comptroller and Auditor General. If the position of JPH is confirmed then the consequences will be extremely serious"

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